Internal fixation and Mobilisation

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by snornin, May 21, 2009.

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  1. Managed to break my leg at the weekend ( tri malleolar fracture- dislocation ? ) during a casualty evacuation exercise!!!! Oh what fun it was to look at the sole of my issue boot and think "thats so wrong..." Fortunately I had 50 witnesses some of whom were nearly sick due to the unnatural angle of my foot! Fortunately had plenty of help on hand ( Field Hospital Unit ) and was looked after by an excellent bunch of people. Waiting for an hour for entonox to arrive wasnt much fun and then a BFA to the Hospital added to the future story telling!

    I am now pinned on one side ( lower tib/fib ) and on the other a plate and screws and with a screw right through ( not sure of the correct terms )to pull it all together with 8 weeks non weight bearing cast in place. Problem is that I have volunteered to mobilise in October and still want to go. If healing goes to plan will I still be able to deploy with all the metalwork in situ ?
  2. Hey fella,

    You will undoubtably get several well meaning views on here, but the bottom line is listen to you Consultant. Ops are here for the long haul - there is no rush.

    On a separate vein, I hope your TA unit are looking out for you with the current injury etc.

    Good luck - TS
  3. I have to say that the care I received at point of injury and during my stay in Hospital by the Regular staff/ TA of my unit has been excellent. It was a pure accident involving a 41 year old throwing himself around like an 18 year old and just one of those things! I now have 8 weeks away from the NHS so silver lining!