intermittent fasting

Discussion in 'The Science Forum' started by iPadPlodding, Sep 30, 2012.

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  1. Did anyone see the Dr Michael Mosly prog about 6 weeks ago on Intermittent Fasting??

    Link to the BBC covering the prog

    BBC News - The power of intermittent fasting

    I must admit it's the easiest thing I've ever done and I've lost a stone in about 6 weeks. I love it cos every other day you can eat as much shit as you would normally. Awesome!
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  2. Missed that one, but the benefits can be enormous, not only in terms of weight loss, years ago I contracted glandular fever and could not shake it off, felt totally crap 24/7 for a year. A friend who is a physiotherapist suggested Pilates and intermittent fasting. I went to classes and followed the regime for 3 months, brilliant results both physically and mentally. It takes some willpower and situation avoidance but I thought ferk it if people can get through Ramadan I can do this.
    Interestingly when I was dog handler, we had an RAVC vet who imposed a 24 hour fast once a week on all the mutts in the unit, over a period of time their interest in working improved, as well as a reduction in sickie days.
  3. Oh, fAsting, looked like an i without my specs on.

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  4. Interesting, but how does this go with a high phys lifestyle?
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    Interesting what you say about the glandular fever thing. I have found though that my head has cleared over the last 6 weeks and I feel much more energetic. It's also the other benefits from it like the 70% reduction in the onset of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's and loads of others. I started on only 2 days a week So Monday and Friday I'd treat as my down days but I found it that easy I've now gone to day on, day off and I still find it über easy.

    It summed it up for me when he said "It's the answer to the obesity epidemic in this country" the man is a genius.

    Not sure as I've become a lazy civvie. Suppose I'll find out soon enough though as I'm running the London Marathon next year. I'll keep you posted haha. If you do start it keep me updated will you. I'd be interested to see how you get on.
  6. That actually made me laugh out loud.
  7. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    the only issue I can see on the high phys element is the way the body stores carbs - as a cyclist I was taught that the body has 12-18 hours worth of sugar stored in the body depending on your metabolism, the trouble is that it takes around 28 hours to replenish said stores - hence the carbs before gym and protein after.
  8. Did you see the prog?? One of the main points in it was about getting away from the old way of thinking and all the old hype. I've kind of downloaded all the old confusing crap about healthy eating and dedicated 6 months to this and it's awesome.

    I think in essence though it's all about retraining your brain. Watch the prog if it's still on BBCIplayer and see what you think.
  9. I can see you are still allowed 500/600 cals on fasting day, so that's 2 x all in one protein shakes, one before and one after workout. I think it's doable...
  10. How dramatic were your results anyway? I mean, starting weight and now etc?
  11. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    I'd go with toast and tea with sugar all day to sort me out, do it often enough when busy :)
  12. Been at it for 6 weeks and I've dropped a stone and I've reduced my BMI by 3. That's without any phys at all and not reducing my calorie intake on the up days. I'll literally eat whatever I want on the up days and easily stick to it on the down. I think it's easy because you know that the day after you can eat whatever.

    The yank who came up with the idea backs it all up with the brains bit in a book called Alternate Day Diet by James Johnson M.D.

    If you're pissed off with getting nowhere on a normal diet (i tend to run out of interest very quickly) and your phys levels have dropped off then give this a go. It's hoofing.
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  13. I tend not to bother with breakfast just have a brew and fluids all morning (i'm not a breakfast man anyway) i'll then have a big salad for lunch and fish/chicken with a huge pile of veggies for dinner. Dr Mosly said in the prog that you can eat as much veg in the evening as you want so I do. I'll then not eat again until the next lunch time. So it's about 28 hours of fasting then 20 hours of eating what I want then 28 hours of fasting again. Read the link though because Mosly only did it 2 days a week. I've built mine up to day on day off over 6 weeks because it's bloody easy.
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  14. Resurrecting an old thread - in an effort to install some self-discipline in myself and shed a couple of pounds, I spent 36 hrs from Sat evening and 36 hrs from Mon evening fasting. No food and only black Lapsing Souching tea and a couple of cups of coffee ever day.

    I was surprised how relatively easy it was - the odd wave of hunger but dispelled by a tea or a water. Only time I almost broke was coming home last night to smell dinner and I salivated for ten minutes. The only major drawback was lack of energy at 0630 this morning at mile 4 of a gentle jog. But I feel really sharp this morning.

    Tempted to go onto intermittent fasting regime and see if I can get back to 11 stone (on leaving DKD after basic trg!). Which means losing a couple of stone....

    Does anyone else fast regularly? And if so, the benefits and drawbacks?