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Gents and Ladies,
In these sad times when losses occur in conflict it is nice to see that people write in with messages of condolence, not just for the fallen in the Army but to all the other Services, it shows people care across the board.

I truely think that it would be a great thing if our messages of condolence could be sent to the other Arms to show support for their sad loss, even if it is only a message from the editor giving a link to the Arrse forum concerned.

I know a few Arrsers go onto Rum Ration to express their condolences personally (i salute those that do ) but if all our posts were known it might offer a little cold comfort to those that grieve or to those that have lost buddies to know that there are others out there that feel their loss.

I don,t claim to be any sort of wizard with internet sites so any advise or thoughts on this matter will be of use, maybe Good CO has a handle on this idea.

If this has been bought up before im sorry for wasting space and time but i do feel strongly on this matter.

Any views please.



Before you all rip me,


I must learn to type with my fingers and not not with a baseball bat.

If you want me I will be stood in the naughty corner.

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