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Interim Shipping Co-ordinators
Reference: BEL 2036
Our client is a UK based group with a division, part of which specialises in military support services.
They are seeking 3 CRSP Shipping Co-ordinators for Kuwait to perform the full range of functions outlined below to successfully ship all cargo and equipment as mission designates. The period of the contract is from 10th January to 30th March.
Major Functions
Verifies eligibility of cargo offered for air, ground and surface movements.
Prepares, maintains and completes all air/surface movement records, documents and reports. Have knowledge and be able to prepare Transportation Movement Control Documents (DD1384). Ensure all cargo documentation, packaging, labelling, marking and customs clearance requirements have been met.
Prepares and maintains shipping forms / weight and balance records. Selects, assembles, palletises and transports aircraft cargo loads to and from APOD/E and storage areas.
Checks cargo against packing list and annotates overage, shortage and damage.
Exercises necessary safety and security precautions in handling and shipping hazardous or special cargoes.
Co-ordinate on a daily basis with both Air Load Planners and Transportation Specialists on all cargo movements, including formulating schedules.
Administration duties of the entire shipping operation.
The Qualities of the Interim Executives
Able to work in a high stress atmosphere and make rapid shipping decisions. Able to make decisions on a priority list based on outlined instructions.
Experienced in functions such as automated or manual materials handling and other loading equipment; and processing, maintaining and maintaining records relating to cargo movement.
Working knowledge of Movement Automation Query Systems such as GTN and ITV. Able to communicate effectively with military personnel, understand military Air and Surface information and local policies.
Must understand DOD movements terminology; be able to troubleshoot problems and interact effectively with military and civilian customers.
Military experience and training in supply and transportation related fields is mandatory.
Must be familiar with DOD 4500.32-R, MILSTAMP Vol 1 and FM 55-17.
Knowledge of Office Automation, Excel, Microsoft Office, ITV and GTN.
Job Requirements Work is generally conducted in outdoors areas with potential exposure to extreme climactic conditions. Work will require lifting up to 50lbs weight and activity in areas where there is potential exposure to physical, chemical or biological agents. Employee use of Personal Protective Equipment is required in certain areas. Interim Executives must comply with OSHA, EPA, Fire Regulations and published company work rules.
If this is you or someone you know please, contact Mike Dodds by email only,, attaching a current CV that demonstrates relevant experience in the above fields. Please quote reference BEL 2036
Note: Applications must be received by noon, 8th January 2010
Yours sincerely,

Mike Dodds
Client Services Director - Brooklands Executives Limited

111 Charterhouse Street, Smithfield Market, London
United Kingdom

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