Interim ISTAR Toolkit

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Howayman, Mar 5, 2007.

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  1. Bit of a seroius post this (though no doubt it will all fall to a bag of bollocks when the usual crowd get involved).

    Can anyone shed some light on the Interim ISTAR Toolkit (IIT)? As far as I'm aware the G2 BISA for COMBAT is still a long term aspiration (true?) and will not see the light of day until mid 2015(ish?). Therefore where do we (the Corps) see IIT.

    As I take it, IIT is the spawn of IQ (used in Telic - Analyst based), but it cannot run on COMBAT. Who is running with the training for it (Chicksands?) and has it been rolled out anywhere other than Telic and Herrick?
  2. I have just been listening to a brief on IIT - IIT is a bastardisation of iQ with alleged improvements - it is being run out for the next Bde to HERRICK (more trial on ops!!) - it is the same team that developed iQ with an additional noisey front end in the form of a previous CO 4 who is pushing it. The critical bit is it is Interim but then Porta Cabins are temporary.......... It cant run on Combat, it has no infrastructure and there are issues with most bits of it ............. now correct me if I'm wrong but these issues were solved in the early 80's on another operation .......
    PM Me if you want more :) -

    Its amazing what sprogs get involved in in grown up Germany rather than sheep filled wales :)
  3. like a lot of things in the armed forces, if it works it will be quite good.

    please refer to BOWMAN, Typhoon, SF CH-47, SA 80 A1, i could go on.
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  6. Having just read Jim Storr's article in the BAR, I think it is safe to say that BOWMAN is also a long term aspiration. I also get the impression that many of the BISAs are also no longer funded; so don't expect much soon.

    Strange to think that the MOD is happy to spend X millions on better protected vehicles, but unhappy to spend significantly less on G2 systems that may lead to less vehicles being contacted in the first place.
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  9. You are, of course, right in your assumption. BOWMAN is a long term project, and many of the BISA applications are suffering from funding issues. Four BISAs are due on line soon with BCIP5. FC BISA (Arty), Makefast (Engr), GBAD BriC (AD), and NBC BISA. Nothing firm after that I'm afraid.
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  11. On a more serious note - we need something now - IIT or iQ may be the solution but me thinks we delve into solutions too quickly - I really dont undersatnd why there isnt anything "on the shelf" we cant use....
  12. There is...Its called I2 Analyst Notebook. The bigger issue is that nothing is running on COMBAT. This entails an airgap to another desktop/laptop and the crossdecking of info etc. Once again the Corps and the Army have cocked it up again...
  13. howayman, you said this software wont come into service until 2015 so i can see your concern.

    it will clash with the liverpool vs barcelona game. :)
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