interim government by experts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bullet_catcher, May 10, 2010.

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  1. The Italians, who know a thing ot two about minority governments and coalitions, have a system that allows technical and administrative experts to run the government while the politicians sort themselves out. It's called "governo tecnico" or "governo istituzionale". There is a wiki page (in Italian, Google does a fair translation) here

    Just something to think about for the next time.
  2. For us, once Parliament is dissolved, it is ministers in the Lords who make more decisions while their Commons Minister counterparts (who remain ministers, but not MPs) take a step back. Partly because there are rules on not making political decisions once Parliament is dissolved, and also because they'll be busy campaigning.

    Let's just hope that the electoral system isn't changed or we'll find ourselves in this corrupt mess after every election.
  3. An interim government?

    Let's apply a common sense.

    Do the Labour and Conservative need an electoral reform? No of course. It means coalition governments forever. But the LibDems insist on the reform. So there is only one logical solution.

    It is a big coalition - the Labour and the Conservativs. Why not? The coalition could form temporary interim government. Maybe mr.Brown would be the Cancelor. The right man (very experiensed) on the right place. The big coalition could reform political system in Dannish style. It means - the electoral systems remains unchanged but a party with majority has right to form a government. It doesn't need (as in Denmark) an approval in the Parliament.

    An interim government could work a year or two and after the next elections the new system would resolve possible deadlocks as this one.
  4. KGB-resident I love it....after days of wrangling you have come up with the one idea none of the news channels/experts have even thought up. That would put the Liberal Democrats back where they belong. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    You know 20 years ago that would never happen, they were too far apart ideologically but now they have never been closer....I hope your idea catches on....
  5. It is a bit strange. Political experts should scrutinize all, even illogical possibilities. And this one that I outlined is mutually profitable for both main parties.

    The same situation happened in Germany not so long ago. Despite serious defferencies between Social- and Christian democrats they formed the big coalition.

    The Conservatives drifted centreward and the New Labour rather look as a clon of the conservative party. So why not to form a big coalition?
  6. a_b_c - thanks, glad to hear we have all the angles covered already.

    KGBeezer - It's just politics, so good idea, why not?
  7. Interesting post. However, if decisions may not be made once the Parliament is dissolved, how did the inimitable numbskull 'Captain' Darling make the 'decision' to prop up the Eurine with billions of our tax money?

    Of course. Our government is totally irrelevant, it is the UNELECTED, UNACCOUNTABLE trough specialists and Marxist/Leninists in the Praesidium of the Supreme Soviet of the European Soviet Union who govern us now.
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  8. Is it not the Civil Service that runs the country once policy is in place? If there is no policy changes then things just trundle along with the bureaucrats who make sure the correct forms are filled in thus ensuring every thing is right with the world.
  9. You are right, the Civil Service does the day-to-day stuff, but there are decisions like sending reinforcements to Af, or propping up the pound in a financial crisis, closing 100 hospitals or whatever, that might need political direction.
  10. Because the Civil Service doesn't even want to be in the same country when the blame for some act of stupidity gets handed out a few weeks later.
    We're not that daft, you know. If there's any crap going flying, its for our political lords and masters to catch. They wanted the job. Let them deal with it. :)