Not trying to steal your thread Viro, but any opportunity I get to rubbish Labour, sorry, New Labour, I'll take. Good site. Recap on what is said:

'My taxes have gone up under this Government and they keep telling me how much they're spending, but still things don't seem to be getting any better. When will they stop wasting my money that I work so hard to earn?'

• Taxes have gone up 66 times under Labour, despite Tony Blair's pledge that he had 'no plans to increase tax at all'.

• The Government is taking more than £5,000 a year extra for every household in the UK.

• The Government spends more than £50 million every hour.

• The costs of running Whitehall and the Government have increased by 50% since 1997 - an increase of £7 billion.

'My elderly parent was mugged, but no one has been held responsible for it. It's not the Police's fault. There aren't enough of them and their hands are tied. When will someone let the Police do the jobs they're supposed to?'

• Recorded crime has risen by almost 800,000 since 1998 - a 15.5% increase.

• One million violent crimes were committed in Britain last year, while gun crime has doubled since 1997.

• Robberies and muggings have increased by 62% under this Government. We've seen the fastest rise in muggings in Europe.

• A typical Police Officer spends just 17% of their time patrolling the streets.

'The Government keeps telling me how much their spending on the NHS, so why can't my mother have the operation she needs? I just don't see it getting any better, despite the best efforts of the doctors and nurses. I can't even get to see a dentist when I need to.'

• While spending on the NHS has risen by almost 40% since 1997, hospital treatments have risen by just 5%.

• The number of managers in the NHS has increased by 17.6% - whereas the number of doctors has gone up by only 5.2%.

• The average waiting time for hospital treatment is now 99 days - up from 90 days in 1999 - and there are still a million people on waiting lists.

• Over half the population cannot even get registered with an NHS dentist - despite Tony Blair's promise at the Labour party conference in 1999 that he would give everyone the 'chance to see their dentist'.

'Tony Blair said Education, Education, Education didn't he? So why aren't standards rising in my child's school? It's all down to discipline I think. Didn't I read somewhere that a teacher couldn't exclude a pupil who'd assaulted them? That can't be right can it?'

• Standards in schools are not rising. One in three 11 year-olds leave school unable to read, write and count properly.

• More than 33,000 students leave school every year without a single GCSE.

• Discipline in schools is getting worse. The Government's target to cut school exclusions has led to a fall of 25% in permanent exclusions yet more teachers are being assaulted. A teacher is attacked every seven minutes in our schools.

• Truancy is up by 22% since 1997. More than one million pupils played truant from school last year.

'The Government doesn't seem to care about making it easier to get around. All they want to do is penalise people who use their cars. But there aren't any real alternatives. I'm fed-up of waiting for someone to take transport seriously.'

• People in Britain spend longer commuting to work than anyone else in Europe.

• Railway performance has got worse every year since Labour came to power. The percentage of trains arriving on time was 90% in 1997/98. It is now just 78%.

• Despite promising to reduce congestion on our roads by 2002, traffic on all roads has got worse and motorway congestion has increased by 250 % in the last four years.

• Speed cameras are being used as a money raising device rather than focusing on road safety.
I've never voted for Labour. Even in local elections up here in the North, they have a poor record for fcuking things up. Lib Dems have always been held in high regards because of their money managing ways. But like I said before, there's really no party at the mo that can come to power and do some REAL changes.

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