LT Pantano, and his unit here in Iraq, saw some heavy action. The proverbial "pucker factor" was high. In the course of a mission 2 gentlemen rushed up to Pantano and he reacted, first by warning them to stop, but it progressed until Pantano was forced to defend himself by killing these two gentlemen.

Stop here for a second. If we look at these facts, we see a Marine lawfully defending himself. I totally agree with Pantano's actions. The fact that these two gentlemen were not bad guys is not part of the consideration. They were acting in a threatening manner. It is the right of every Marine, Sailor and soldier to defend themselves if threatened. That is something that is ingrained not only in our training, but Regulation and Law, not to mention instincts. If we take this right away, we harm the confidence of our troops and in turn this would lead to the inability to complete missions and wage war.

Unfortunately, the story does not stop there. When LT Pantano defended himself, he did so to the extreme. He unloaded not 1 but two full magazines. He put 60 rounds into 2 men. And to add insult to death, he placed a sign above the remains as a warning to others.
Comes from here Should be interesting. Guy resigned.
If the case is as cut and dried as has been suggested, why was he shopped by a SNCO and his Corpsman? This appears to be a pretty grey case.

Here's the charge sheet:

It would appear that the prisoners were originally bound and were shot in the back.


It seems that his Div commander withdrew the charges. Guess we'll never know what actually happened...

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