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Interesting Whermacht group site

Wasn't there some programme on T.V. done a few years ago trying to make out that German Re-enactors are racist Neo-Nazi's, to the point of saying that one had his wedding in the style of an SS mann?
Can't say I've ever had anything to do with WW2 Re-enactors, but knew an ACW Confederate, and to be fair no one ever sugested his politics was pro slavery. So maybe much ado about nothing.
Yes, C4 aired the program called "Weekend Nazis". I know a couple of the blokes who were on it and they were mis-quoted or made to look like right wing extremists and a bit stupid to be honest. They were told the program was about re-enactors so they were bigging up on how authentic they tried to be.

Anyway, as for the thread I just thought it interesting the effort put into the articles about kit, haircuts etc for its members. Nothing political was intended.
Channel 4 have a tendency to misquote and misrepresent people just to make a bit of controversy. I remember Gene Simmons Rock School slagging off Lowestoft and making out the place was a dead-end dump, and that the kids had no prospects. People there were conplaining in the local papers about it for weeks afterwards.
I see. So the ridiculous looking hat you have in your avatar isn't your 'I have a sense of irony and humour' hat then ?

Apologies, I certainly wasn't trying to make this a political thread. I'll take me sense of humour to another thread and leave you too your taking-themselves-far-too-seriously re-enacting walt friends then.
It is still available on YouTube in two parts. Some of it is "all good fun", just a load of people running around dressed up but there are obviously some seriously distrubed people invloved in this re-enactment business. The German troops seem to outnumber the Allies by some 10 to 1. The best bits are the French done up as various Scottish regiments and some old chap who was at D-Day who found it all a bit creepy

YouTube - weekend nazis part 1

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