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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by error_unknown, Feb 21, 2005.

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  1. Finally given up on being a "chubby-chaser" then CP? :D
  2. Less effort to lift them.
  3. And dinner dates are sooo much cheaper.

    They take up far less of the bed.

    Big savings on bog roll.

    Easier to fight off in the event of a murderous pre-menstrual frenzy.

    Yes you guessed it, I've had more than my fair share of "Little Women" aka dancers. I'm not sure I would go that far though!
  4. I read somewhere that Lena Zavaroni fell down a grid once, and was only saved by the fact that she had an orange in her mouth.
  5. Too skinny to get the painters in, methinks...
  6. I imagine you'd have to be a little more gentle when bonning an anorexic... the noise as her pelvis shatters may be a little off putting?
  7. Mmmmm the happy sound of crepitus... Like grinding cutlery off've crockery!
  8. Well, like I say, they were never quite that malnourished, but it was sometimes a close run thing.
    The present Mrs Sleeper_Service is an ex dancer, and God alone knows how she survives on half a dozen rice crackers and a handful of rabbit food a day.
    But apart from being very easy on the eye, every month I thank Cosmo for her diminutive size, as I would be claiming invalidity benefit now if she were any less of a pushover.
  9. True enough, and one would be likely to get a somewhat dusty response to the instruction to: 'Swallow that, biatch!'.
  10. "Does my bum look big with that in it?"
  11. I have this horrible vision in my head that if you were giving one of these creatures a good dicking you could concievably see the tip of the old fella sticking up and down in her midriff like an alien is about to burst out :lol:

    Freakish and Wrong on so many levels 8O
  12. Christ. It's not a spoof site. 8O
  13. Well, no.

    There are also (so I've heard) lovely 'pro-ana' sites around, offering anorectic girls (and boys, I suppose) support in their 'life-style choice'. Tips for avoiding food and concealing the lack of eating and so on and so forth.

    Guess the Sexy Anorexic thing is just the flip-side of chubby-chasing feeders.
  14. You fcukers are losing it, it has a cnut AND a pulse. Crack on.