Interesting USMC-themed webcomic

Discussion in 'US' started by Glad_its_all_over, Nov 21, 2010.

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  1. Interested to hear jjh's take on this: Terminal Lance (Terminal Lance - You can't spell "Disgruntled" without "Grunt".) - a rather neatly-drawn comic by a recently-EAS'd E-3 Assaultman from (I think) the 5th Marines.

    A lot of the themes are universal and it's very clearly the junior rank's perspective, but much of it struck a chord and reinforced my perception (based on having worked a fair amount with the Corps in the 80s and 90s) that the USMC is more like the British Army than the rest of the US Armed Forces are.
  2. I got the link to this through Air Force Blues. Very funny comic i enjoyed flicking through it.
  3. As a former Marine, I find them funnier the hell and, with an AWFUL lot of truth to the comics. The man obviously has some comic genius to him and is exploiting it. More power to him.

    In so far as the USMC and Brit Army? I've said it from day one: The British Army is the best trained infrantry in the world; next to the Marines ;-)
  4. Started from the beginning, and I was hooked from #2 onwards.
  5. Very good work from the ones I have seen--I like #9 the best so far.
  6. Oh, one more point, before I head off to slumber land. JJH (no disrespect sir) is/was an officer. Officers and enlisted have two totally, at least in my experience, thoughts on life and the Marine Corps. I suspect that is with all services, all over the globe. Rarely, have I met an officer I loved, enjoyed, and, moreover respected. Most were "mustangs," which in US jargon means enlisted, which went on to be officers. Those officers knew what it was like to: dig a foxhole, sleep in said foxhole when it was 3' high in water/slush, eat rarely, and sleep rarely. MOST officers, in the US, haven't dealt with this; except for those who have been in the infantry, special ops, and a brief stint in OCS. Howver, I digress...
  7. My guess is you did not serve in the field with officers of other services or nations very much. With some notable exceptions, my slightly longer association with the USMC on both sides of the commissioned divide, persuade me that USMC officers are generally pretty good leaders in terms of setting the standard by their own example and honoring the ethos that I always summariz(s)ed simply as "officers go last in the chow line."

    While I have known many great "mustangs" I have also met many who were clearly out of their depth and who never understood that their value to the USMC and their duty to it was vastly different than being a crusty staff NCO and proving to all that they could suffer as well as anyone. While Chesty Puller technically began his USMC career as an enlisted man, it was for a very very short period and he clearly could not be said to have been a "mustang" in the usual meaning of the term.

    I will gladly defend the position that in terms of imbuing what I believe to be the correct perspective and values required for a good combat officer, the USMC does a better job in general than most any other service in any nation.
  8. Strip #48 is spot on. I've been through a lot of airports and I've seen soldier envy among the jarheads whenever I strut down the concourse in my well-fitted Army Class As. :p :p
  9. I think you are mistaking pity for envy since they know you are likely having to return to some Army unit whereas they are going to a Marine unit of real warriors. ;-)
  10. I'll have you know that we work very hard. The motor sergeant is duscussing the battalion's readiness rating of its equipment with the motor officer. No harm in having a pool-side bar to hand to slake one's thirst now, is there? :p :p (As the Duke said, 'Talking's dry work.')

  11. If I couldn't go to war with British officers, I'd settle for USMC or perhaps - at a pinch - German Army ones. At least they tend to have a sense of humour, something sometimes not evident in US Army officers.
  12. That's Cheech Marin talking to Egon from Ghostbusters and I claim my $5.
  13. Terminal Lance does make me laugh. there is something universal about many of his strips.