Interesting thread on the other means

Too good an opportunity to pass up...

Wonder if the Pprune sunray will appear again with his arse on fire :D
I would

And what AAC stalwart described door gunners as "Draught excluders"?

Draught Excluders my ring.................... Flash is forbidden for posting dribble about twenty mins of fuel etc

Looks like Beagle and The mouthy loady have backed down..... all rather disappointing.

After I'd arranged my avatar for the impending fight
The size you are mdn, I could have carried 8 TOW + 8 reloads and a full section with all their kit plus 750 kgs in your place. You did however stop my neck getting chilly!
Your neck was never going to get chilly, it was always just stuck out of the RQHIs ass :D

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