Interesting take on soup kitchens and the homeless

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Recce19, Dec 24, 2007.

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    Very different views form sme suprising sources.

    This was the bit that made me think...again.

    [qute] Former rough sleeper Mark Johnson says it really can happen to any one of us: "We're all prone to that - you know all of us - a breakdown in a relationship, or some sort of trauma or a death or a tragic event - we're all there, much closer than we care to realise."

    He remembers hearing a very similar view from a city hedge fund manager: "He said in a very quiet conversation we had: 'Do you know what, I know that I'm only ever a couple of bad decisions away from being on the street myself,' and I thought that was a really good insight into being in this world because everyone is." [/quote]

    Having been evicted following my councils' advice, this still chills me to the bone. My family and me spent a year and six days in B&B because I did exactly what they told me to do! If it wasn't for Shelter, i don't know or want to know what would have happened to us.
  2. Unlucky for them. The homeless in this country still have it much easier than many with homes in third world countries.

    Do gooders bring it on.
  3. Looking for a fight are we??? :twisted:
  4. In case anyone knows one of the 10% of homeless folk who are ex-Forces (less the guys MDN and co have already sorted out), this BBC Panorama webpage has a number of useful links to try and get them some help if they want it.

    Edited to add a number that puts things in perspective.
  5. Who me! 8O
  6. FallingUmberellaSoldier, I think you've missed the point of my post. Or should I say No Shit Sherlock, we all have it better than 3rd World countries. I was showing the difference of opinion between the main players.

    I Pray you never have to experience this, but then you'd just rough it I bet.
  7. Hey, I lived in Montgomery lines for 5 years! That was worse then living under Waterloo bridge!
  8. Pussy. I was dragged up in Liverpool for 16 years. I could eat a jack russell raw by the age of five.
  9. Condolences.

    Got any flat screen TVs for sale?? :D
  10. B*ll$cks you win :D
  11. I have. But if you wait 2 days i'll be putting them out for 25% off.

    January Sales aint just for the legitimate!
  12. some provision yes but you can go over the top
    and end up supporting the "brew crew"
    as a hostel worker use to piss me off bloke on nearly £200 a week benefits used the soup run for free food :roll:
    free clothes from day centre etc etc
  13. Nearly £200! How do you work that out, what benefits is he on?
  14. [/quote]

    What a load of balls. How many fund managers does that happen to without serious drink/drugs as a factor?