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Discussion in 'Officers' started by kingdong, Aug 8, 2008.

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  1. Good luck to both - a good medal chance for Al in the eight, though a very tough draw for the pair.
  2. Do cav officers have tats these days?
  3. Compulsory.


  4. Oh, I thought you wrote "chav" officers! :D

  5. Might as well have done! :)
  6. If the army is so busy fighting wars on two fronts, how can they find time to send two regular officers to train full time for the olympics?
  7. At the risk of a bite.....

    For the same reason they can find high quality officers to run Army Recruiting Teams, Corps Recruiting Teams etc.

    Recruiting, second only to operations in priority.
  8. Norman, I couldn´t agree with you more - recruiting is vital, but this has nothing to do with sending two officers away for a year on a jolly that contributes nothing to operational effectiveness. Your underlying comment may be that they are contributing to recruiting. If this were the case, why isn´t the army getting more mileage out of it with some high profile PR?

    Does anyone know how many other serving regulars are representing their country in Bejing this year? I´m sure it´s been covered in Soldier Mag, but that´s not available where I am.
  9. They do if those tats are of the family Coat of Arms.

    Beer - dangerous....
  10. Two RN officers, Lt Peter Reed (coxless fours) and Lt Commander Penny Clark (Laser Radial, single handed sailing) are also competing.

  11. How much do you want? Google either name and you'll find they've had some pretty impressive coverage in the nationals, MOD publications etc. etc. The Times article in the opening message of this thread is very good reading and a lot of valuable column inches.

    All of this stuff would swallow vast amounts of cash normally, but actually it has stung us for a couple of Captains' salaries and the associated opportunity costs. Not bad for 'high profile' PR - and certainly a lot better than the alternative (see Will 'Shagger' Carling for how to get it completely wrong).
  12. Jorrocks,

    So presumably we should stop all adventure training, sport etc? This view seems pretty narrow minded and is similar to the reason why Will Carling was forced out of the Army. The Army has nearly 10,000 officers. Do you really think that the absence of these 2 is harming the "war effort"? I thik you will find that quite a few high calibre people think about joining the Army as a consequence of the associated publicity. I see this story and think "good news story about the Army - good luck to them". You see it and think "how come they get to loaf around doing sport" Normally your views are pretty good but this just seems a bit petty.
  13. You´re right, good luck to them. I must be suffereing from "everyone´s on holiday except me" syndrome.