Interesting stats from Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, May 10, 2006.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. "Interesting" indeed. And here's what the Iraqi President has to report today:

    Over a 1,000 killed in one month in one city - and it's not civil war, apparantly!
  3. The country has been in a state of Civil War for decades. It's just hasn't made front page news because it was considered "brown on brown" violence by those who sort news stories.
  4. I have read it, I will respond once I have been breifed on the proper use of drugs & alcohol. I have to say it make BLiar's focus on headlines rather than substance seem well balanced and reasoned.

  5. Wonder what they mean by anti-Iraqi. If anti-coalition, there can't be many left (surely?). If pro-coalition, this statement doesn't do much for "hearts and minds."

    How happay are Iraqis to live in so democratic country. Their rank is even higher that one for Kuwait. It is a bit strange but Kuwait was liberated long ago. I'm intresting who does appont these ranks? Can it be called as statistics?

    So current electrical output is 90% from a pre-war level. Not an impressive result. The goal is great, but goals are statistics only in football.

    The pre-war level was not mentioned of course.

    ...including soldiers on paper. I wonder what coalition troops do in Iraq that has so huge own security forces?

    Previously I thought that estimates are not statistics.

  7. Editted to add - Having quickly look at the details of the 'Iraq Index' make pretty bad reading, data sourced mainly from the US government and of 57 odd pages of stats the best evidence for improvement is 18 bullet points -FFS lets admit it has not gone to plan and it will take years to 'normalise' Iraq. Is it really worth the money and lives that have been/are being lost?

    Not that remarkable when you consider the $Bns of pumped into the country, it could be argued that the sheer amount of money put in should have made a greater impact. - Perhaps some of the grievances are that more of the work is outsourced to foreign nationals rather than Iraqi citizens.

    Based upon what? Further money invested in the country by the World or an increase in revenue from oil? Both of these subject the success or failure of the government.

    Against whom? Tipping off police is always likely to help settle scores that do not relate to the Insurgency. Tips are a start but unless smuggling/insurgency declines then they are not a good measure of success.

    Who’s index? Aspirational or real freedoms. Yes they can vote, but when it is the man with a gun who decides to whether you get to work or whether you are dragged off and shot, political freedom is fairly insignificant.

    So they remain at pre-war levels.

    Since the price of Oil has increased significantly all this show is how in-effective the Iraq Government has been at collecting revenue. Alternatively it shows just how expensive it is to protect the oil infrastructure


    Evidence? – A reflection of the sheer numbers of people employed in Sy no doubt. Where else are they employed?

    I fcuking hope so….Nov 04 was the first battle for Fulluja and the first Mehdi Army uprising. More telling would be an overall decline in attacks and there lethality.

    So they are getting better but see above.

    See point one and two. Lots of Cash in very little evidence of a return in Iraq.

    Who’s rule of law? You can have western trained Judges BUT if the religious community/parties continue to exert their strength that is a pretty meaningless stat.

    Okay, that it the Shia and Kurds happy what about the Turkmen and Sunnis?

    It depends on how you ask the question and it is only significant if the country does not implode.

    Erm, that because we fired them, how many of the ¼ million are loyal to government first (rather than a political party) and of the army hwo many can operate with US support (excluding Air Power)?

    How is this good news? Who is funding them, is just as important

    Better intelligence rather than a real change I suspect

    Definition of AIF? – Anyone shot and killed during military operations perhaps…Therefore a minimum of 24,000 AIF have been killed why has the insurgency not been broken, perhaps because not all those killed were insurgents.
  8. Ah, now it's all clear. The current state of chaos reported in the country is purely due to previous Western Media Bias, which has now been removed by the freedom loving, all inclusive new administration.

    It's not due to a an ill-inspired post colonial military wet dream. Oh, please Chief Joseph, share more of your insight. The view must be so much clearer from the safety of a US High School, uncluttered by any first hand knowledge or experience.
  9. I think you've misread my statement. I'm not saying that the media caused the violence, or that the war hasn't made it worse. I'm definitely saying something wrong if it sounds like I'm praising the Bush Administration.

    I don't claim to be more informed than anyone on this forum, and I have no intention of plugging myself as an "expert" or of being "well informed". I don't expect any sort of reverance, I told people right up front who I am. I base my knowledge on what I've been told by friends who were there (and for the record, they aren't all "septics", a friend of mine who was in Telic 1 lead me to this site), and friends who are from there. I've made the aquaintance of several people in my hometown who fled Saddam's death squads, who will tell you that violence is not new.

    And if you want to observe western reporting, check out the front page news about Darfur, or their stellar coverage of Rwanda way back when.

    And for the record, I don't really trust the statistics this thread is about either.