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quetchua sleepmover - Sleepmover 5° (L) QUECHUA - Sleeping bags - On sale on

saw these a while back when they were full priced but picked one up now they are cheaper, almost like the old german sniper bags with a repellant outer and pockets in the sleeves to seal you in. I like the multi use aspect and have a couple of bags which can be utilised as clothing of one form or another.

very warm due to waterproofing and a snug fit so might be a tad sweaty if you are a warm sleeper but the large would take a 38 inch waist plus easy enough and 185cm.packs away quite small as well so good as a car emergency bag as you could drive while wearing one.

ideal for hammocks I reckon or even dossing down under a tarp without the need for a bivvy bag but it takes some getting used to - being trussed up like a baby in winter :) - I know a few power hikers who would like it.

not sure about the zips and going for a pee needs working out but for under 30 quid I cant complain.
I've got one of those German sniper sleeping bags, ******* freezing and heavy. Handy for making a brew without getting up or having a fag in the cold and probably shooting a ruskie in Stalingrad but useless as a bivvy replacement walking to cape wrath!

Luckily we had 2 fantastic days with 1 really bad one at the end.
I've got one of those German sniper sleeping bags, ******* freezing and heavy. .
Yip...I had one too..but years ago for Scooter Rallies and the like when I was a bit of a skinhead. One of the most useless bits of kit I have ever owned!

Ok for sitting round a fire in the evening, but no use for actually sleeping in!
These were never 'sniper' sleeping bags but,vehicle/APC/Panzer operator,or driver,from Bundeswher User.

Used in conjunction with Arctic bag,rather handy in low temps! :meditate:


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I used a german bag for everything for years lived in one as a civvy for a few months on a mates floor and even had a shag in it. has to be the gen 2 though with the pop off outer so you can wash it.

compared to the stink of the 58 bag and its too warm replacement it was ideal for everything between april and november especially the sept exercises.

still going strong and gets used on occasion, just trying to work out if I can make a goretex outer for it :)

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