Interesting sex lives of others.....

Bagster said:
bah, I thought it said otters!
Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin. At Weymouth Sealife Centre they have 3 otters: a daddy otter, a mummy otter and a baby otter. However, the mummy and daddy otter weren't put together to breed. They were put together, when he was a youngster, so she could mother him, but they had other ideas.
pupgreen said:
well otters are like rabbits and they mate non stop so by now there should be hundreds of the little buggers,,eatting all the fish...
The keeper told me they give contraceptive pills to the male seal, because he's already fathered 3. So, perhaps, once they realised the male otter was sexually mature, they intervened in some way. (2 bricks? :rofl: ).
They are overrun by wild rabbits, incidentally.
pupgreen said:
so the seals sh.g the otters too,bluddy hell

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Oh, it does read like that. (and I take such care with my punctuation and that).
No ....... I meant the male seal had fathered 3 seals. I think the otter would be a bit tight for him to sh@g ..... they're little otters.
pupgreen said:
why dont knock it till youve tryed..
I've ridden on the back of one in Sri Lanka and been showered with water from it's trunk, but I don't wish to be more adventurous than that. Have you tried that sort of thing, then? :wink: I like a man with experience. :bow:
mistersoft said:
I consider my twenty-five years grouting tiles as experience.
Does your missus find this valuable in the bedroom dept?

pupgreen said:
ive been with a few women you could call big...more rhino than elephant.. :elephant: :elephant: :elephant: :elephant: :elephant: :elephant:
So you're saying that your sexual experience (like mine) has been limited to 2 legged species ..... not 4, as you suggest for me?

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