Interesting research project on you and your photos

Hi, Newcastle University are doing a research project looking at the photographs of members of the Army and Royal Marines who have served since 1980. This is not a student project but a major project by three academics. So far those who have volunteered to take part have been mainly Royal Marines. :scratch: The project requires volunteers to choose 10 photographs from their own collection that they think represent their time in the Armed Forces. If you live within 100 miles of Newcastle and are interested in taking part check out their web-site <> for details on the project and how to participate. The end date for interviews is 14th November so there's not much time left. :thanks:
Mainly Royal Marines?

That's a lot of pictures naked men drinking beer in a field you have then?
If you go on the site and check out the first photo in the Gallery. Northern Ireland 1981. Points lost for really standing in the classic Belfast stance (one boot against the wall), and I hope that he's done his 5 and 20's.

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