Interesting report re. hunt for US troops in Afghanistan

This BBC report reveals that the chinook shot down (almost certainly by RPG fire) in Afghanistan was carrying SF troops in support of other US operators on the ground who'd come under attack. Those troops are still "missing" and are being sought.

Just thought it was an interesting article about how the "other" theatre in TWoT (The War on Terror; my new acronymn of the day) is under-reported and that the blokes out there are having a tough time too. Good report from the journo, just to show I don't bash the BBC all the time.

A spotter question for you: why would they deploy chinooks to insert a team into what would presumably be a "hot" landing zone? I presume it has little or no protection from RPG? Would it just be a resource issue? Very sad, nonetheless, sixteen dead.

I don't think I made myself clear. I understand why they used helos, but why a chinook? Don't they have other helos that are less vulnerable and/or better protected?

Chinooks prooved to be some of the only helos that could handle operating at such altitude as found over some of Afghanistans mountainous areas I believe. It was one of the biggest problems for heliborne troops I believe, because of the thin air helo ops were a bit hit and miss. That's pretty accurate if I remember correctly. At the end of the day though, how much protection can be given from a couple of blokes on the ground with RPGs? Sadly it's one of those things that happens in warfare, let's hope that the missing SF are rescured in time and that none of them are captured, because god knows what those evil little gits will do to US special forces personnel.

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