Interesting relic site

There's some fantastic stuff on that site and also lotsa links to other interesting sites.
Cheers for posting that, brettarider!

Check one of the sites linked off it theres some images &video of a T-34 being recovered in one of the Baltic states looked like it had just been driven into the bog they reckon it needed just a change of plugs/fuel&oil to get it running again :eek:
Interesting and useful site. However there is a caveat that the text is patchy in quality. e.g. Lt. Manfred Rottenberg may not have been killed in Honsfeld on 16th supporting KG Peiper -because that attack didn't happen on that day.

However, its quite possible that he was killed leading his company in a gallant but tactically inept attack near Lanzerath on 16th Dec. This is a very famous action where a weak platoon of American infantry held off the best efforts of a German "paratroop" division. Intriguing story. Was he a Luftwaffe ground staff officer converted to instant para and asked to behave like an infantryman?
Here is a link to the US side of the story."bourke lanzerath 394"

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