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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Gust.Avrakotos, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. Evening all,

    I am a self confessed geek, and I suppose like many here I love reading all things related to defence and world politics. Other than a few forums I get most of my info from your normal news sources like the BBC and places like and

    Basically I was wonder if anyone could recommend any other sources they find interesting, be it blogs or other websites that offer new perspectives or just good reads, I have my Int Corps selection soon and thought it might be a good idea to broaden my horizons a bit
  2. I also shall have a peruse.
  3. Thanks for the links so far guys, some interesting stuff there.
  4. What about low intensity operations by General Sir Frank Kitson - if you can get it. It would save you reading anything by the septics about Iraqistan

    Getting old. Back to Telegraph and decanter. :cry:
  5. Already have that, isn't it written by an ARRSE'er?

    Either way I quite like it.

    Although the RAF and Waddington do get more hits than the Int Corps :oops:
  7. What are you doing with that worldwide renowned mega star as your avatar? Does he know, he will be wanting royalties for this you know. God this place is scarry, first i find people that know the gay lord (appearing on a gadget show near you soon) and then i find that people know other stars of screen and stage :p
  8. I have subscribed to 9 or 10 daily / weekly newsletters regarding Foreign Policy, Defence, Ctr Terrorism etc.

    I will forward the links once I am back in the office but don't trawl the net - Get it sent to you!

    Check out Jamestown Think Tank and sign up for the Daily Eurasian Monitor for excellent open source info on Russia, The Stans and Turkey.

    For a laugh, have a read of the irreverent War Nerd column.
  9. Have been looking at the suggested reading and was wondering if anyone on here has a copy of either

    The Intelligencers by B.A.H Parritt
    Forearmed by Anthony Clayton for sale

    Well thumbed, coffee stained, corners folded, not really worried about condition.
    PM me if you can help
  10. Got myself a copy from the Museum on Wednesday, nice read so far and it’s very interesting.