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Hello chaps! :)

Are you bored of the utter drivel that is aired on your TV? Fed up with the likes of X Factor & Eastenders? The dire celebrity lifestyle shows & Jeremy Kyle? I don't even bother to watch mine for weeks on end, there is really nothing of interest on the normal channels, so instead I choose to while my time away on my fab laptop.

There is a saviour though, recently I've discovered that the wonderful programmes which are occasionally aired on Discovery & BBC Science have all been amassed in a large online database which I can browse at my leisure on Youtube.

So... For any other pseudo intellectual Arrsers who'd rather watch interesting documentaries on science, history, the universe, mathematics & the arts. You may find a safe spot of shelter from the dribbling masses of garish & vulgar ‘plebius pauperum’ in this thread.

Let us form a new Renaissance & break free from the likes of Big Brother & Seinfield! Hang all the celebrities & let us bask in the power of knowledge, reflection & meditation. Henceforth I must beg all Arrsers who embrace intelligent shows to post any fascinating & cultural vids you find here:

I shall take the liberty of starting with an old Horizon docu on Fermat's Last Theorem:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Now quite frankly I haven’t the faintest idea what these scientist chaps are rabbling on about, but it is rather interesting.

I remain,

Another one on maths, maths is actually my worst subject but I find the advanced stuff very interesting, even though they may as well be speaking in Swahili for all I know...
The story of maths, covering western, eastern & modern theories.

This is one of the best series so far & so extensive that to post the whole 7 or so episodes & their individual parts would take far too long. It's best to watch one episode at a time otherwise I'd be here all day.


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