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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cold_Collation, Jan 25, 2013.

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  1. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Apologies, if something similar has already been posted (actually, there have been similar discussions but not about this specific thread) but some responses (tucumseh's in particular) to the OP's question make interesting and uncomfortable reading... not least because he's right.

    Anyway, for digestion and discussion:

    Where is all this going? - PPRuNe Forums
  2. From the above thread.

    I suspect the silence may be caused by the fact that the majority of the posters on this forum are

    1. Retired.

    2. Non UK.

    3. Never served / wannabees.

    4. WUMs (wind up merchants).

    5. 'Fantasists' (who believe there is a bottomless pit of cash with which to buy all the good toys).

    The above, ,of course, all have the right to air their opinions but generally only appear on threads where no (recent) military experience/knowledge is required so would soon be found out if they were to join in on the points you raise.

    And I'm days to being a '1' so no comment from me!
  3. I joined some time ago but don't post - some of the WIWOL or similar type poster are cocks of the highest order and there's no point trying to discuss anything. Their 1950/60/70's growbag attitudes don't allow it, they always know best and never admit being wrong if speaking to a blunty or techy. There are some very informative and interesting posters though - NAB, WhiteOvies, John Farley, Engines etc. These people make it worth reading threads and there are some robust but enlightening discussions.

    Roadster280 - The point about tucumseh banging the drum is right and the above mentioned growbag attitudes are the root cause of the issues he bangs about IMO. Nobody wants to see the Emperor without clothes as a lot of them bought the same suit, this is why the carpet sweeping is still going on.

    I've seen this attitude across the other services and government as well mind. It's one of the reasons that PFI and Outsourcing are/were so popular. All of those nasty technical people who raise objections are made redundant and BAe, HP, Fujitsu or Bombardier will take responsibility. They'll give you whatever you ask for, for a price. Bang...there goes your budget and the costs are only going to grow. It'll be interesting to see what happens with all of the UOR kit bought over the past ten years or so.
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  4. One of the principle characters in Max Brooks' generally excellent sci-fi/zombie novel "World War Z", is a former septic soldier who, when describing the army's first encounter with the undead coins a phrase for hoccifers what still live in the world where the only menace is the Red one, "Fulda Fucktards". I quite like it.

    Although the British version "Bit to the North of Fulda Ballbags" doesn't have quite the same ring.
  5. Am I the only one who read the title of the thread, and thought, "oxymoron"?
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  6. I used to be on PPRUNE a long time back, used to enjoy it. However I was banned by some gob-shite dutch flight attendant because I told her where to go when she cautioned me on Jet Blast.

    I'm also banned from Pistonheads cause the Owner didn't like me criticizing his mods for being over zealous. The owner is a total turn anyway and has let Pistonheads get taken over by spelling Nazi's and pedantic wannabe posh twats. It has very little to do with TVR's and sports cars now.

    I suppose it is about time I got myself banned from ARRSE as well.
  7. . :)
  8. My most recent banning occurred after a night on the soup, when the board owner made what I took, in my somewhat befuddled condition to be a not that well veiled physical threat, upon reflection it was probably a cheeky reference to the fact that I'm a Belfastian and recent news stories.

    By a combination of blind luck, use of google, whois and a wee bit of deduction my response was to post the reg number of his car. No comment, just the reg number.

    Bricks were shat and I'm not likely to be welcomed back.
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  9. Could you trace an old ex-neighbour of mine ? the git owes me £300!
  10. I've followed various threads over there and the point tucumseh always makes is that it was criminal waste that caused the airworthiness failings. Both affect all 3 Services. He and others get some stick for going on about it, but history shows very few listen so its worth repeating.
  11. Smoke & mirrors mate. I can't trace anyone, it's just putting info together and making connections then letting someone think you're a "'leet haxor"

    Mind you, it shows what someone with a limited bit of savvy, common sense actually, can put together on you if they're inclined. Persec & such.
  12. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Stopped posting on PPRuNe a couple of years ago.

    On anything to do with flying, if you weren't one of the serious in-crowd you were told to piss off.
    On the SLF and Cabin Crew threads (during the BA strike) I got suspended or banned too often to count, under various user-IDs.
    Now I just read what "The Gods" have to say.

    As an ex-Crab, I find ARRSE very welcoming in comparison. ;-)
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  13. If Tucumseh really is senior enough to have been "instructed to knowingly waste over £100M per year, year on year, by an RAF Air Vice Marshall" you'd think he might know how it is spelt.
  14. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    I resisted comment, but as you mention it ... Not a single typo, either. Perpetually mis-spelled. Unusual.

    I may be a old Crab, but even I can spell Army ranks properly. And translate their abbreviations.
  15. I hear what you're saying but it rings true. Not getting into lots of detail on this but I experienced some fecking Alice in Wonderland moments when serving. Having watched two aircrew get off with slapped wrists when the system had tried every ploy possible to blame a mate of mine for their mistake I can well believe the mutual arse covering from on high.