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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by mac_uk, Jul 22, 2007.

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  1. This probably wont be as popular as some other threads but I thought I'd start it.

    I happen to be lucky where I live in Milton Keynes, just a couple of miles from Bletchley Park (where the Enigma code was cracked if anyone doesn't know, unlike what our US cousins would have us believe).
    Living here there is a tendency through the summer to have god awful noisy planes coming overhead. Luckily they are also some of the most beautiful aircraft in the world. But they're almost always gone before you can get a photo.
    I just about got one today and thought I would share with others here and if anyone else has any pics they have taken, either historical or present day.


    This was a Lancaster and Spitfire (I think it was a Spitfire) flying over this afternoon, they come in low and then circle around once or twice before flying off northwards.
  2. Funny you should mention that. I was out with my eldest today when the Red Arrows flew overhead (bloody impressive!). I'm slightly further north that you. Is there an air tattoo or something on in the Midlands?
  3. Blackpool Air display yesterday, the Arrows were on at noon, and BBMF flew at about 1300.

    Dakota, Spit and Hurricane........ although a bi disappointed not to see the Lancaster.
  4. I'm sure I put a photo on there when I posted it. Let's try that again.


    Lets see if that worked.
    Sorry the Lancaster was down here entertaining the southerners.

    Only seen the Red Arrows once, when the new Wembley opened we were watching it on TV and they showed the arrows flying over and literally 30 seconds later they came over our house. Not a chance of getting a photo there.
  5. Nice piccie!

  6. Saw the Lanc and Spit fly over my in-laws house at Moreton in Marsh today before we returned to Ypres. There was a small airshow on the go at Blenhiem Palace.

  7. Majestic sir!
  8. Dogs Bollox, cracking stuff. Had the chance a few years ago to go inside a Lancaster, the thought of flying to Germany and back, whilst the jerries tried to shoot you down, had shivers up me back.
  9. I quite often see the BBMF aircraft, where I live - Spitfires are overhead fairly regularly, see one almost every week in the Spring and Summer months, but I've not seen the Lanc yet this year. Magnificent sight, and sound, and always brings the people on the streets to a stand, all looking skywards. You can tell what's coming, well before you see them, nothing else on earth or sky sounds like the Merlin.
  10. It's great round our way cos the British Legion is out back of the house, it always gives the old guys something to look at.
  11. Always thought the Hurricane overlooked, it basically stayed the sameway throughout the war, but did its job well.
  12. First aircraft I flew in was the civilian version of the Lancaster the Avro York in the early 1950s, took two days to reach Lagos with stops at Tripoli and Kano. Not a pleasant flight!
  13. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    A few lines from the prologue of me book (I am now near to the end of Chapter 2), these words provided by me middle brother who also hadn't been born at the time but was closer to the events chronologically and this is how it was passed down to him:

    The site I am on, Hursley Park, Hampshire, was HQ Vickers from 1940 to its purchase by IBM a couple of decades later. After Supermarine's works in Itchen and Woolston (Southampton) were blitzed in September 1940, production of the Spitfire moved to Hursley Park.

    Last year one of Vickers' chief Test Pilots died. It was decided that there would be a flypast of a single Spitfire in tribute on [date] at [time]. Five minutes before time, I think just about the whole site, into the thousands, were on the lawn in front of Hursley House awaiting the arrival of the Spitfire.

    The pilot clocked the crowd and hung around for some 20 minutes, flying past over and over from every conceivable angle. If there hadn't been restrictions on hieght and flying over people, I think he'd gladly have buzzed us at zero feet. He was clearly enjoying it. In no way was he stressing the airframe, but he gave us everything. The Merlin purred magnificently and never missed a beat. There wasn't a dry eye by the time he'd finished and for 20 minutes not a word need be spoken.

    Me eyes are damp just remembering the event.