interesting photos on email doing the rounds.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by iamaviking, Dec 9, 2007.

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  1. The first two pictures were taken of Beira, Mozambique in 1975 and the other two pictures taken in 2007.

    Thirty two years of freedom in Africa!

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  2. 32 years of freedom seems to have given everyone a suntan - in the first 2 photos the hotel guests are mostly white.
    I supposes the tourist industry has dried up a bit lately a bit like the pool.

    So what do the pictures prove? Only that the locals are now using an old hotel as a place to live, and that the pool needs a bit of maintenance.
  3. or that the maintenance man at the hotel is shite.
  4. Had some pretty good nights ashore in Beira in the 70's. Never quite made it as far as the Grande hotel mind, there was a bar outside the dock gate called the Moulin Rouge ... happy days. Lorenco Marques was better though more bars and some very exotic ladies
  5. Anything can mean anything out of context. So it's no longer a resort for white people and the locals are not so keen on sunbathing. Ah well, let them have their country back.
  6. Right on brother, that must be the reason.
  7. Their country, let 'em do what they want with it :) , free of our prying eyes, hidden agendas, political or financial interest, and political and financial intervention :).
  8. You should see what happened to the rest of Africa. Fifty years' worth of aid has done some remarkable things.

    OK, so most of it went to Switzerland, and there's a sizeable (ie very, very fat) expatriate community in the South of France, London and California, and the market for black Mercedes-Benz S-class limos is at the top of the curve, but I think this meeting of minds in Portugal is going to produce real results. I really do.
  9. Why do our PC politicians want to ''help'' Africa? It's beyond me.Let the Afs go through their own pain,with their own leaders.When that phase is over, they might listen to outsiders.Or do they still want to refer to the slave trade,and try to shame us,into giving them aid,when their own leaders are even more corrupt than ours?
  10. I think the point is,
    We British were the best thing the African ever had, Good Schools, Roads, Housing, Jobs, Justice, Policing, good Armies, plentiful Food, most important of all incorrupt Adminstration that cuts across ethnic divides.

    Other European nation had other influences on how things were done, I think Mozambique was Portugese, I could not say how good they were, but by loking at the picture probably better than the the current Government are doing, looking at the difference in the photos, the roads had degenerated to tracks, 'nuff said.

    Ok we weren't perfect we made mistakes, the good we did out weighed it, they got their Indepndence and they were free to fúck it up and squander our bequest, the School went downhill, Roads weren't maintained, Jobs went, questionable Justice system, Corruption ruled, Tribal conflict killed peoples and denied you opprtunities.

    Im sure some Africans wished we were back, but I would say no, I have been to Africa, it would be very problematic, its no longer our problem.
  11. Were those first pictures taken from the recent Airtours catalogue? And the following by the new 'guests' on arrival?
  12. I'm sure there were similiar scenes at the end of the Roman Empire - theatres and forums looking more shabby and dilapidated year-by-year.

    That's bad but as ever Zimbabwe beats it





  13. this is Zim ?
  14. They were so-so but by the end things had deteriorated rapidly. A military dictatorship on one side that didn't want to let go and used censorship to keep people back home in the dark and varied guerrilla groups on the other, both carrying out tit-for-tat atrocities and reprisals. When the revolution kicks off with the freedom fighters attacking remote settler outposts and butchering everyone you know it's not going to be pretty.

    It's funny but I'm currently on a course with a guy that was originally from Somalia before it all went to hell and he emigrated over here and we somehow got on to this topic the other day. It was rather amusing since he was rather annoyed that Somalia was an Italian colony rather than British one as according to him they fucked up the job and that we nearly always seemed to leave ours in fairly good condition. You should have seen the resident lefties faces when he came out with that one. :)

    By the looks of it. This is what happens when the government introduces price controls that mean you end up having to sell things to the public for less than what it costs to buy yourself. Unless you happen to have access to hard currency or Zanu-PF connections you're pretty much fucked.
  15. Are those plants in the third last picture real or edible? :lol: