Interesting NuLab sleaze

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldRedCap, Mar 27, 2005.

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  1. Excerpt:

    Dominic Kennedy — upon whose work for The Times much of this column relies — put it to me like this: “There is obviously a terrible problem with intimidation. When I went to Yorkshire and the North West last June, I found people in vulnerable communities routinely forced to show their postal vote to bullies to prove who they voted for. This could be a frail girl who is physically intimidated, or a Pakistani man who speaks no English and has been ordered by his boss to vote Labour or be sacked.”

    Ask the police why they are doing nothing and they will say they have spoken to people they describe as “community leaders” who say there is no problem. Well there’s a surprise.

    But what’s the point of railing against community leaders, dishonest candidates, idle coppers or over-zealous party machines? If you make it easy for people to cheat, people will cheat. That is what those in Government have done. They may not have intended it, but they know it now, beyond all possible doubt. They know too that this abuse could swing the balance their way in key marginal seats.

    And they smirk. A general election approaches, the smirk grows broader. I call that vote rigging, and at the highest level. Next time you see Tony Blair simpering in front of a Faithworks congregation, think about it.

    ### ### ###

    "They may not have intended it..." The author is an optimist.

    They are doing away with trial by jury, habeas corpus, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, all personal privacy, freedom of speech, press, and association.

    May as well junk the secret ballot while they are at it.
  2. Pretty good, a lot of valid stuff well put together.... title needs some work though, but still a good dig at Blair and his bunch of c*nts

    Oh and heres the link -

    Cheers OldRedCap for that one :D Hows about turning this thread into a labour sleeze list? second thoughts maybe not... dont want to crash the server :lol: :lol:
  3. Labour sleaze is so boring.

    Where's the cross-dressing and asphyxy-wanks :lol:
  4. They're saved for personal satisfaction......however Neue Arbeite sleaze affects us all......eventually :roll:
  5. That site is the new labour sleazewatch database.

    I am in contact with the guy and send him any sleaze stories i find

    makes for interesting reading, and could give infinite ideas for alternative election posters :D
  6. Ken, have you had a look at the alternative election posters thread?

    There are some really good posters on there, but just be careful as you may well pish yourself at some of cpl-rippers creations :D
  7. cheers ken, makes for interesting reading 8O
  8. I have never been able to log on to any of 'Kens' sites. Strange when you consider I am 7 hours ahead of UK, so should be able to log on when most UK residents are sleeping.
  9. John

    I don't know why you can't log on.

    They are up and running.

    Is it possible your firewall blocks them?

  10. Firewall ! No I use a Mac as its less likely to attract virus.
    I have tried and tried but never been able to log on Attemps via Google are also a failure. I sometimes try via Firefox but still no luck.
  11. Jon. I am a Mac user but have not upgraded to OS 10.X. I am told that Mac does not offer full backwards compatibility with code it supplies to developers/web page writers. I also get numerous weird and wonderful results becaue - I think - I'm still using OS 9.2. Have you tried using a (friend's) Windoze pc which if successful will identify it as your Mac OS that is causing the problem? That is how I identified the problem I had.
  12. I have a PC.
    But the last time I went on line on my PC I picked up a virus.
    I took the PC down to my local shop and they sorted it out. Very cheap. The technician says the moment I logged on before I'd even opened up a file the virus was in and operating.
    I then went for our local version of high speed internet, 256 kps, which is OK ish except you share your bandwith with ten others, not a big problem for 90% of the time.
    In Thighland mail goes from Chiang Mai by land line to Bangkok, then once again by landline to Singapore then up and onto the net.
    The PM owns the company who would have to pay to upgrade the national system so we have the strange sysytem as above.
    My licence agreement allows use of only one computer and I do not need a set to with my online provider.
    john ta for your words