Interesting New Immigation report from Left wing think tank

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by armchair_jihad, Sep 30, 2007.

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  2. What a surprise...
  3. The only comment necessary on that is that it has taken so long for them to realise it.

    "It found that fewer than half of Britain's 650,000 Somalis, Bangladeshis, Turks and Pakistanis, have jobs and the four communities have the highest levels of benefit dependency."

    If they'd qualified that with "legal" jobs I could understand it. These groups are also the biggest drain on infrastructure with high levels of ongoing medical problems (heart disease and diabetes etc.) plus what is now called "social housing". IMHO it is incumbent on us to help the genuinely in need asylum seekers but we need to increase the amount of resources to help them rather than drain the resources already in place.
    Non-genuine incomers should be weeded out at point of entry.
  4. If I remember correctly displaced persons are entitled to claim asylum in the first safe country they come to after fleeing their own (note the word first). Now given that only a very small percentage fly in direct from their country of origin, how is it that so many end up in Britain? Are France, Belgium and Holland wartorn hellholes where it is not safe to stay (yes I know France is a s**thole but thats not the point). Let the suffering masses decend upon their nieghbours, not us. We don't have the space or the resources to continue taking them.
  5. imigration is not a bad thing, I have some poles working for me, and there are some in the Bakery and they work really hard and VERY rarely take any time off other then normal holiday. (which can't be said about some english people who play the system and always full back on the union.....

    However there are plenty of people that come to this country just for the benifits and free national heath service..... Bet if we said, yes you can come to this country but your first 2 years HAVE to be spent in the Armed forces that would change things very fast

  6. I wish people would stop banging on about immigration. Face facts, you cant stop it, you may as well try to stop the world from going round.

    The world is now a very small place and lots more people are on the move seeking a better life. You now have Brazilian footballers plying their trade in Russian leagues, Polish plumbers over here and Brits in Spain and France. Its called globalisation!

    None of the main political parties are about to advocate EU withdrawal either and im pretty sure most people dont really want to see the far-Right in power either so we're just going to have to deal with it.

    As for loss of national identity and 'indigenous culture', im of the opinion that cheap air travel and the internet have made those ideas pretty much obsolete.

    The nation state is dead and buried.
  7. The present regime is not keen on the truth, thats why it rarely uses it. Notice that Kieth Vaz is quick to jump on the bandwagon to denounce the research, but then again he would wouldn't he.
  8. As for loss of national identity and 'indigenous culture', im of the opinion that cheap air travel and the internet have made those ideas pretty much obsolete.

    The nation state is dead and buried.[/quote]

    I disagree there, I fly a Union Jack and Saint George's flag outside my house, I'm proud of being British, I would love to see us have a big Navy a Strong airforce and I stong Army and still be a large player on the world. What gets me is why is this Governement so against it????? Is it just because its not a vote winner the Labour, or is it because the EU does not want us to be and they want their own armed forces and the Government is secrectly going down that route????

    I hate it when unelected civil servants and "special Advisers" seem to run this country.

    Having studied the Agricultural side of the EU at uni, it has done lots of good for this country but as far as being a political "country" in its own right that is taking to far......

  9. A large percentage (80%) of these immigrants live in subsidised social housing.

    How fantastic is that? When another MORE important group of OUR population known as the Her Majesty's Armed Forces live in SUBSTANDARD housing. Or better still, CANNOT get on the social housing list!

    One in ten of a certain group claim sickness and disability benefit.

    How fantastic is that? When another MORE important group of our society, known as Her Majesty's Armed Forces have constant battles with claiming incapacity benefit or a war pension.

    Another immigrant group: Asylum seekers find it difficult to find employment due to the language barrier, they cannot speak English.

    How fantastic is that?

    l am amazed because surely they have NO such difficulty in holding out their hands for our FREE, hand-outs. Not to difficult to get an interpreter and kid on, if you keep mumbling - it sounds like you cannot speak English; EASY - FREE - MONEY! Because the job centre do not want to be labelled as uncaring or discriminating against anyone!

    How fantastic is that? When another Outstanding group within OUR society, known as Her Majesty's Armed Forces are sometimes posted without the recognised six months notice. Having to pack up their home, their employment, their education.

    The job centre (who don't discriminate against ANYONE), then tell some of the spouses from our Armed Forces Families that they have made themselves HOMELESS, UNEMPLOYED and they are NOT entitled to claim. HOW FANTASTIC IS THAT?

    Especially, when they support the Armed Forces, no-questions-asked.

    NEW LABOUR - NO SHAME have not done anything to help this situation, in-fact, l would bet that if a family from the forces entered this country through Dover, (accidently-on-purpose, losing their passports, and just kept shrugging their shoulders, and acting confused), they would be housed, and benefits given to them, schools located accordingly.

    DISCRIMINATION is what NEW LABOUR - NO SHAME is all about. How can a government such as NEW LABOUR - NO SHAME treat it Armed Forces better than immigrants, asylum seekers?

    lf you have a mum, dad, uncle, aunty, sister, brother and don't agree with what NEW LABOUR - NO SHAME are treating to them, use your VOTE.

    Our OUTSTANDING troops deserve some much better, than SUBSTANDARD housing........And the rest, like a little bit of acknowledgment for their work; especially going to work, whoooops l meant: WAR on a LIE!!!!!!!!!!

  10. "The Nation State is dead and buried"

    Tell that to China, Russia, Iran....and all the rest of the world!
  11. I wish extremist scum like you would catch something nasty and painful such as club foot or beri beri.
  12. I don't understand. The IPPR is quoted as saying:

    So Johnny Immigrant, according to the IPPR, is good economically for Britain. But the opening post on this thread claims the opposite:

    Sorry, could someone explain:

    (a) how both statements could be true;

    (b) if only one is true, which one; and

    (c) if someone deliberately made an untrue statement (otherwise known as "lying") who fibbed, and why? What could their motivation be?
  13. I don't think the IPRR were suggesting that immigration could be stopped. However, the report does suggest we could manage it better.

    I don't want them getting a better life by coming here and living off benefits.

    None of the 4 nationalities mentioned as being most unlikely to have work were from the EU.