Interesting New Bipod Design

Just spotted a post over on Gunboards which sounded quite interesting both for military and civilian shooters.

Revolutionary Breakthrough in Bi-pod Design.


I wanted to take the opportunity to post on a development in the world of bi-pods. My uncle and two other fellow former Special Forces guys came up with the idea of creating a vibration dampening bi-pod while deployed overseas in Iraq. After they came up with their idea, they made a proto-type and took it the the Vegas Shot Show. Several companies offered them $50,ooo+ on the spot for their design. Right then, they knew they had something awesome. Over three years, investing, and extensive personal experience and testing, they came up with the Anti-Vibration Sniper’s Bi-Pod (AVSB™).

This bi-pod is revolutionary tool that will be used by many of the Special Forces and elite forces of many countries when full production gets started. This bi-pod has been tested by many independent Special Forces units, as well, as many S.W.A.T. team officers of police departments across the country. The Anti-Vibration Sniper’s Bi-Pod (AVSB™) will also be offered in a hunter specific model in the future.

I really can’t do it justice. I can only direct you to the website that has been created to market this awesome piece of gear. I got to handle both models yesterday at a family Easter dinner, and I can’t believe the quality, engineering, work, and time that has gone into making this piece of equipment a reality.

Right now, my Uncle and his company are in the final stages of getting this piece of equipment approved and accepted into the Army, as a piece in their TOE (table of equipment). The Army has already said, “we are going to buy it and we are going to buy MANY of them.” Somewhere in the neighborhood of 200,ooo of them. This piece of equipment is that good. A member of the Canadian Army has already expressed and told them that he made a blanket order for 10,ooo of them when production gets up and running.

I’ll let you form your own opinions, but I can relate two stories that he told me that is a testament to this piece of gear. While firing a weapon that is capable of sub-MOA accuracy that groups at ~16 inches from 1800 yards, utilizing this bi-pod, that group can be cut down to ~6 inches!!!

Secondly, when firing a full auto M16 at a target at 100 yards, the group recorded a pattern of about 8 inches in diameter. Then, the bi-pod was attached to the M16 and then fired again in fully automatic mode, and the pattern measured less than 4 inches!!!

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Link to the company who produces it:
I am sure it is well designed good kit, but what is wrong with a harris, a day sack a chair or even a rolled up smock, stuff I can find or already carry. Great for hunters etc, bit to busy for field use. Of course this is only my opinion on first sight and having never used it, others may have a different view. but they might not be on foot.
The principles used in this "revolutionary" bipod are already well known - e.g. hanging weights off the barrel/ forend at the right point will damp barrel vibrations and improve group size. Problem is that no-one apart from a bench rest shooter particularly wants a heavy and unwieldy rifle.
What's this about grouping? I thought snipers excelled in one-shot groups.

And anybody else would be wasting ammo by putting bullets through the same hole.
I was waiting for the punchline. Sadly there wasn't one.

I'm sure it's very nice and bubba will order two.

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