Interesting motivational speach

It's been done before mate. And I, along with many on here, think that this is unnecessarily rude. The officer in question already knows that the he does not had the allegiance or support of many of the men he is talking to, so why would insulting them get them onside? If I was an indifferent or even pro-militia police officer I know that this would NEVER persuade me to change my ways. If anything I feel that this kind of attitude will galvanize those that area already anti-USA and could even persuade some of the "good" cops to change their minds.


PS- I'm very drunk, so it hope this makes sense!
We cannot know the background to this outburst. From some of the reports that get back, there are indeed locals whose loyalty is to tribe and family rather more than to their employer. However, from personal experience of working with Saudi and Gulf personnel, the use of the f*** word would be something they would find offensive (even assuming the interpreter left these out) He could have made the point in a far better way; maybe discussing it with his interpreter prior to addressing the troops.
I wonder how many US soldiers got killed or injured because this twat drove some waverers into the arms of the militia? I know how I'd react to being talked to like that in my own country by a foreigner.


Oh dear...I can empathise to a degree but as has been said, the delivery and content of that speech was probably not what you want to hear coming from an officer addressing the people you are there to help, different if it were a bunch of trainees from your own culture, in your own country.

"Head south, I guarantee you'll frak some people's sh*t up"

Not that I expect them to about turn and begin marching south with AKs at the hip but I had to wonder for a split second whether the officer thought he was conducting combat operations....or leading an airsoft day. :oops:

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