Interesting line in RHQ Forum

And his point was that they should not have helped a preganant woman while her husband was away at war? Clearly they are low-lifes for trying to help the poor girl and it would have been vastly preferable to give her no assistance at all.



He's taken it back and apologised. Go and have a beak at his latest comments.
Like to see how much of a bunch of w*nkers he thinks we are when he needs life/limb/sight saving surgery out on ops (if he indeed deploys, probably doesnt if he has this view of the AMS)

Ah rear party! I was right, he doesnt deploy.
Hmm rear party huh, he must be one of those unfit to deploy real soldiers....

Along time since anyone had a pop at medics......I wonder why???.............. perhaps the fact that without the clinical expertise that saves lives day after day on operations when real soldiers take a hit has finally been appreciated by those who want nothing else in the world when they take that hit...

As for wanking....I bang one out daily.....its great!!!
To be clear and save some the effort of reading the mentioned thread, BuggerAll is AMSTA and was being sarcastic about Lofty's bone comment.

Re-read in light of the sarcasm and it makes sense.

I think Lofty 19 means it was AMS fault he was left on rear party and not AMS fault for the grass cutting.

Now you just have to figure out why it is AMS fault he was left on rear party, could it be he was thrown out of a top floor window by a medic?

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