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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BONNACON, Jun 30, 2013.

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  1. I have a few days in Kent next week near Dymchurch. My other half has a few things to do in the area. Can anyone recommend places to go and see with a military bent that might not be at the top of googles first page? Ships, aircraft and army stuff from all eras interest me and I like a good walk as well. Ho and pubs like them a lot.
  2. I lived in Hythe for 2 years which is next to Dymchurch. Not much left in this area in terms of military. You could poke around the woods at the back of Shorncliffe Camp. Lots of redoubts and stuff to nosey around. Further afield there's lots to look at around Dover, especially around western heights:

    Dover Western Heights - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Also have the Spitfire Museum in Manston but its a good 45 mins away I should imagine and it's not that good anyway.
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  3. Bit of a trek, but if you've got a day spare the wartime tunnels at Dover are an absolute must. All still intact, and were secret throughout the war dug into the cliffs and a manner of other good stuff.

    Other than that not really a huge amount of warry stuff in Kent. Gunpowder works in my hometown where the Royal Artillery of old used to try out new mixes, but that's not worth the hours drive from Dymchurch.
  4. The Hop Farm.

    Has old military stuff and used to make beer, also has a pub up the road with some good strippers. What's not to like?
  5. Not exactly on your doorstep in Dymchurch but the Chatham Historic Dockyard and Fort Amherst close by, are both worth a visit
  6. Romney Hythe & Dymchurch Railway had a military train during the war. If you want older military connections, have a look at the Dr Syn books by Russell Thorndike, covering the fictional accounts of smuggling on Romney Marsh of the Vicar of Dymchurch.
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  7. Hawkinge is well worth the visit, sadly the Hop Farm is not what it was.
    Chatham Dockyard and the RE museum are good as are the tunnels at Dover
    Manston Spitfire museum is interesting, as is the detailed history of the airfield that is housed in the buildings beside the museum car park

    Oh and don't forget the Batle of Britain memorial on the cliff between Dover and Folkestone
  8. Hever Castle is good - Home to the Boleyns, Romney Hythe and Dymchurch light railway, plus the one at Tenterden. Nip over the border to Groombridge Place or on to Ashdown Forest (Winnie the Pooh related stuff). Scotney Castle, plus the vineyard at Lamberhurst, Bewl water just down the road as is Bodiam Castle. Penshurst Place is another good visit, plenty of tea rooms and pubs in the village. The Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells during one of teh festivals can be fun. High Rocks and the Pub there is nice and you can get the Spa valley railway from Eridge all the way through to Tunbridge Wells and it connects to Eridge main line now.
  9. Try these as well: Sound Mirrors

    just down the road from you!

    Always overlooked by history buffs,but fascinating things to see.