Interesting fact ..... Russian Valve Tubes!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AIR FILTER, Apr 4, 2011.

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  1. I often wondered why the Russian military were big time into valve tube technology.

    They made millions off them, and each type was built with tank like quality!

    But why ??

    A nuclear explosion causes a massive spike of RF energy, which induces huge voltages and currents in unprotected electronic systems (first seen during the Bikini atoll hydrogen bomb tests, when the electric power supplies in far away Hawaii started going bonkers). This pulse is enough to fry most semiconductor components in these circuits.

    So that's why valve tubes were favoured over the West's far more modem military transistor technology.

    Today these valves are highly sort after by audio enthusiasts world wide for their high build quality and sonic performance that transistors can never produce.

    I guess you could say that they were designed for all the wrong reasons but ended up being used for all the right ones!
  2. If you are going to cut and paste someone elses stuff, it is the done thing to acknowledge who wrote it. This is lifted from a PPRuNe thread, and was discussed fully.
  3. This is nothing new, we were told this while i was still in ,and that was a few years ago. The slr would have still worked though.
  4. Has Mafeking been relieved yet?
  5. Hardly a little known secret.
  6. Common knowledge, used to tell people that on the TARU course.
  7. Give him a biscuit, a glass of milk and send him to bed.
  8. Yeah that's why Chieftain used thermionic valves in the gun kit, cunning, eh? Either that, or it was just old-fashioned sh1t.
  9. Commonly known as EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) if my memory is correct
  10. Hey, it could be both a crap MoD procurement decision and still fantastically prescient given a very limited set of requirements ... Okay, I'll admit, I'm struggling to find a rational example of the latter? Those Mars Bars in old-fashioned compo with Arabic on them?
  11. Nope. It was because they couldn't afford to build and run the manufacturing plants, simple as that.

    You don't build a multiple-billion-dollar wafer fab just for a few tens of thousands of milspec parts; you need a massive consumer Market to support it, and that didn't come into the five year plan...

    You also need mind-numbingly high levels of quality control to run a fab, and that (politely put) was never a strong point in Soviet industry. You might make agriculturally-robust transistors, but you won't make a CPU with a decent clock speed.