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Interesting essays on the US Civil War

I'm not sure how much interest there is in the subject on this board but here goes.

Around 1883 or so almost twenty years after the US Civil War [or War of Rebellion as some would call it and The War Against Northern Aggression as others would] ended a magazine decided to put out a request for articles by those who'd taken part in the war. They reasoned that the passing years made it more likely they would lose the insight of the participants and that the elapsed time would make each individuals recollections less emotional and more reflective.

The series ran in the magazine for two or three years and resulted in four published volumes of 3000 pages and 240 or so contributions from privates to company or brigade or division commanders to General U.S. Grant.

Someone's now put them all online. I went to Volume 3 and 4 to read up on Gettysburg and the desperate fighting of the Wilderness Campaign. Here's hoping some of you enjoy reading them:



Book Reviewer
Thanks Virgil.

Very interesting indeed even to those of us who have only a passing interest in the subject / period.
No, I am civilian DOD machinist just up the road at MCAS Cherry Pt. AV8B Harrier country!

Silas Turnbo died poor and reportedly sold his collection for $70.00. Many in the states are unawares of his work, but I stumbled across it searching for hunting yarns and have been fascinated ever since with these wonderful old tales.

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