Interesting Enfield bbl harmonics

Looky here (click thumbnail to enlarge):

Left: Lapua 123gn Spitzer, 37gn N130. 8 shots 1.65MOA, 2 shots about 3" low.

Right: Same, 38gn N130, 7 shots 1.75MOA, 3 shots about 3" high.

Bottom: Same, 39gn N130, alles über der platz.

Rifle: the No.4 Mk.I*, with the Mk.2 stock, bedded w. 5lb muzzle pressure. Thrown charges. Filthy barrel (is currently soaking in Hoppe's Copper Terminator - don't think it's been thouroughly cleaned since it was assembled in 1950...). Zero changed between series.

Rug: Ikea, 1990's, trashy.

Shot at 100m, 10-ring is 28mm (1 MOA).

Interesting, no?

Methinks I might find happiness around 37.5gns with that bullet which should hit the sweet spot and eliminate those fliers. Me also thinks that some nice slow subsonic cast loads should also make me happy. Or alternatively fiddling with the bedding pressure.
4(T) said:
Try some flat-base bullets (pulled MkVII are ideal), especially if its a 2-groove barrel.

These are in fact hollow base:


I'm certainly WELL chuffed with the main groups at under 2MOA, I just found the 20% split particularly interesting. Will persevere with these bullets to see if I can cure the split by the load, or by weighing charges (PITA though...). These little Lapua bullets are VERY good value!

Barrel is 5 groove LH, and is smooth in the grooves but has a little light pitting & roughness on the lands.


2 moa isnt bad in that calibre!

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