Interesting Coverage of the Deranged Hostage Taker Killed Yesterday

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Sep 2, 2010.

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  1. While from all accounts thus far, the man who took hostages and later was killed by police yesterday was deranged such that his alleged "environmentalism" may or may not have been rational, it is incredibly telling to see how it is being (not) covered by the traditional media. One can only imagine the coverage if something like this had been done by someone alleged to be affiliated with the evil 5th Column-like Tea Party Movement.

    Other than accusing the evil "right wing" (whatever that is) of capitalizing on the sad situation, the media is very quiet about the apparent reasons (rational or otherwise) that may have promoted this bizarre event (and this fellow's previous behavio(u)r). I wonder why?:)

    Police End Standoff at Discovery Building -
  2. Only you could consider the Wall Street Journal part of a left wing conspiracy in the "MSM".
  3. One of his concerns was over-population. Good of him to help us out on that.
  4. Have to be honest, if I thought for a second it'd help get John & Kate Plus Eight and all that other shite off TV, then I'd be tempted to pick up where he left off.
  5. I must say that I agree with you, and think it's a damned good idea. Just be sure to get the Octomom as well.
  6. These sorts of people are coming out of the woodwork more and more; its not the last time you will hear from someone like this...
  7. Just you wait until 2012 when all the nutters expecting the end of the world start getting lively.
  8. I will be in my bunker by then.
  9. Shove over Jim, I'll be looking for a place to hide out by then.
  10. Surely this should become less frequent if they keep getting themselves killed before they can breed the next generation of nutters? Like I care.