Interesting CMT medal group......

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by TonyBlair, Jul 25, 2006.

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  1. ***Northern Ireland & Gulf Medal PAIR. RAMC att 1 PARA Item number: 170011581033***

    This is a very special pair of medals which I am selling on behalf of a friend.

    You are bidding on a PAIR of full-sized original British military campaign medals. Both medals are in EF condition and are correctly named with the recipient's details around the rim. Both come with original ribbons and are unmounted as issued. Both medals have swivel suspenders.

    The lot consists of :


    and The GULF MEDAL 1990-91 (first Gulf War, Op Granby) with the bar "16 JAN TO 28 FEB 1991".

    At the time of receiving the GSM Northern Ireland, the recipient was serving as an RAMC Private (Combat Medic) in Northern Ireland. He was based at the medical centre, Shackleton Barracks, Ballykelly, and also attached to the 1st Battalion The Parachute Regiment (1 PARA). On the 30th January 1972 he was on duty at Ballykelly in support of 1 PARA operations in the Bogside, Londonderry - the day was to become infamously known as "Bloody Sunday".

    The Gulf Medal was awarded to him as an RAMC Sergeant (Combat Medical Technician) whilst serving with 1 Armoured Field Ambulance (1 AFA) during the war-fighting phase of Operation Granby. Only 34,692 medals with this bar were awarded to Army personnel.

    This pair is the recipient's only entitlement. He retired from the Army in 1992 after 22 years' service.

    This is a UNIQUE opportunity to own a historic pair of medals to a named individual who has seen combat service in Northern Ireland and Iraq/Kuwait. A fine addition to any collection.

    Medals will be sent by Special Delivery/Insured ONLY.

    Please feel free to ask questions. Full refund of purchase price if not satisfied.

    ******Please note I am NOT the seller********

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  2. Was he a naughty boy?
  3. Christ does he not own any cleaner them gongs are minging :oops: :oops:
    PS let us know what you get Ive got 6 and well you never know :lol:
  4. Yes I think theres a bloody good chance he was a bad boy!!!!!!!!!! Yes they do need a bloody good clean!!!!!!!! I`ll be surprised if they go for less than £300.

    Heart stopper, can you tell us what gongs you`ve got?
  5. Its funny when I joined if a guy had one or two he was a bloody veteran. You`d get the old guy with more usually the RSM!! I remember my first RSM had two rows of ribbons, don`t know what they were off hand, one was the South Atlantic, the Gulf and the LSGC, couldn`t say what the others were. I remember we had a guy with the Rhodsia Medal (sorry can`t spell it). Anyway I left with 4 but I suppose I could have got more, I`ve got mates with 6. You just had to be in the right place at the right time, or the wrong place at the wrong time, depending on how you look at it ho,ho,ho. I missed out on as many as I got. But I got ones my mates didn`t and visa versa, such is life!!!!!!!
  6. Just a point of order on these medals. I have received a lot of enquiries (and a lot of good wishes) regarding paperwork and photographs etc which may accompany them.

    My friend was divorced around ten years ago, and his ex-wife deposited all of his trophies, Soldiers' Red Book, course photos, and anything of any importance into several black bin liners which was then unceremoniously dumped at the local tip. All that remain are these medals.

    His commemorative Saudi and Kuwaiti medals were given away to his kids when he returned from Op Granby. He apologises that there is no provenance for these campaign medals - what you see is what you get, and what you get is a pair of honest and hard-earned British Army campaign medals. Hopefully they will go for a good price that the ex-wife will not be able to stake a claim to.

    Many thanks for the kind comments from ex-members of 1 AFA - much appreciated. It is touching to know that the brotherhood and family extend way beyond the days of service.

    I am UNABLE to provide the details of the recipient of these medals, for obvious reasons. I will, however, provide the service number to those who are interested.

    Once again, many thanks for your kind comments and your support.

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  7. unique in the fact that he hasnt got Bosnia, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Queens Golden Jubilee, LS&GC, ACSM or Iraq?
  8. £160 tops!
  9. I'll second that. The RAMC are one of the leading units at present when it comes to medals issued. Two medals to an RAMC soldier is buckshee thesedays when there are so many with six or more. Granted, NATO and UN medals do not command high prices but medal dealers froth at the mouth when a rack of six or more modern medals are up for grabs.
  10. How much for nine medals?

    Enough to pay off my mortgage then order 9 duplicate medals?

    I'm not desperate to sell, just very intrigued why somebody would pay a small fortune for them. Fair enough if it was a VC, MM, MC and the like.

    Ahh, feck it, 20 Lamberts, a six pack of 8 Ace and a go on your missus - they're yours!
  11. Medal prices vary depending on the recipient's unit and obviously what medals he actually has. Medals issued to PARA or RM are greatly sought after and usually go for around 3 times as much as medals from other units. Medals issued to troops who participate in fighting/recce on the front line usually sell for more then say an AGC clerks medals would as the background behind them is usually more colourful. Copies of CR's or operational inserts, photos linking the medals to operations and/or a copy of ones 'red book' will increase the value as the history behind the medal itself is just as important. Many medal collectors wouldn't touch medals without paperwork anyway as they'd be deemed as stolen. I suppose they collect them as they are pests just like anyone who collects anything! :D

  14. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    eBay might run to £190 maybe.
  15. I`ll be very interested to see what the fetch. I`ll let you know. I`ve seen Gulf 1 single medal to the RAMC up for £295, your box standard GSM NI sells aware from £50 to well over £300, depending on the unit. I think he`s jumping on the band wagon re Bloody Sunday. I mean I was at Shackleton Bks, when they blew Omarh (sorry can`t spell it) in 1998. I didn`t do bugger all, but would this tale add a value to my medal?

    HS- its funny how medal awards work out isn`t it? How many years did you do before you got your first? Then got loads in a short period, judging by the others?

    I`ve seen another Medal on Ebay- granted its not Gulf 1 but its a Gulf 2 to a guy from the PWRR- this band wagon jumper, states awarded for the same tour that the VC was won on!! Which I think is a bit sad, as the PWRR had a grim tour, could he not come up with his own war story. I`m assuming he worked in the QM`s or something.

    Anyway guys, I`ll keep you posted.