Interesting Article on Use of Dogs by USMC in Afghan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Jan 23, 2010.

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  1. Great to see labs in action, fantastic dogs, ive no doubt they saved many valuable lives
  2. Too true! All the breeds get a hat tip from me. A doberman saved me in Vietnam (at cost of his and his handler's lives) and I never have forgotten it.
  3. whats the story there then mate?
  4. Is it just me or was anyone else expecting a story about jar heads shagging munters whilst dressed as hippies?
  5. sounds like a tale worth telling jarhead. Note due to the subject matter i refrained from a crappy pun on the spelling of tale.
  6. Sorry-was busy trying to defend my Christian faith and my country's response in Haiti on another thread.

    I am a bit sheepish to tell the tale as it will no doubt cause incoming for telling war stories but suffice it to say I was on a recce patrol and we were using a dog handler and his doberman as #2/3 in order of march behind my point man. Point man (a very good bush Marine) passed the flank of a hidden NVA linear ambush and the dog thankfully alerted on one of the hidden NVA and immediately attacked (in those days most of the dogs were attack trained rather than like today where there are all sorts of specialties).

    The NVA the dog went for was a crew member on a light machine gun and did not have an AK so the dog moved the 5 meters very quickly and had the NVA by the throat when another NVA shot it. The handler was moving quickly as well , shot both the NVA in the dog's jaws and the one that killed his dog. Another NVA then killed him and a general melee resulted. Due to the early warning of the dog we were not in the kill zone and were able to withdraw since we were only a recce patrol and not armed heavily enough. We were able to go back later after regular infantry reaction force arrived and recover the bodies of handler and dog. Very sad.
  7. Thanks for sharing Jarhead i think its acceptable to recount the occasional war story if its requested and relevant despite what some on this site may say :)
  8. Thanks for causing me to remember such a wonderful dog and Marine. Over the years suppose I have trained myself to avoid such things but it is fitting we remember them from time to time-they earned it.

  9. Quite right too, thanks for sharing mate
  10. Struth! 8O Thanks jjh.