Interesting Article - How To Defeat The Global Jihadists

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Brick, Sep 6, 2008.

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  1. I ran across this piece whilst reading another article by Niall Ferguson entitled 'The End of Chimerica' and thought it interesting enough to share. Now personally I find it a bit hit and miss in places and the tone of it can be a bit grating at times but I think it brings up some possibly good points. Apologies for the length of it.


  2. Defiantly a bit hit and miss however as you say there are some pertinent points, I for the life of me have failed to see why in the current wars against as with Op Banner across the water the headlines scream Terrorist as opposed to what they are Common Criminals. They fund them self’s by crime to engage and continue with the struggle against the oppression. ‘Yer Right’ without this! Oppression! I do wonder how many would justify their existence. :x

    And in the great scheme of things Good negative PR against the wretchs is not that costly, compared with how some money has been spunked in the past.

    I do wonder if ‘Call me Dave’ both believes in these statements that are attributed too to these ideas! I have always said that strong borders would help to cure some of the ills of the past decade and I am quite sick of those who have subverted the Human Rights bill and legal aid. So to my mind they do have merit both in sorting out common crime and spechul ‘I am being oppressed crime’… :x

    Will cost money though…But money that I believe needs to be spent!