Interesting Article from a Contractor in Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Red Shrek, Dec 4, 2006.

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  2. have you ever been in action there or you got lucky?
  3. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    There's not enough money in the Western World - don't f*cking go - that'd be my favoured tactic!
  4. The fact that you and your friend are both in Iraq (Nice OPSEC) and he runs a security company which I presume makes him in Command.
    If he has not got a f**king clue about his own tactics then he is probably going to get someone killed or VSI.
    Tell him to go home and grow up and stop playing with other peoples lives.
    PS: Name his company so everyone can avoid it like the Garrison bike with a gungy STD.
  5. Opening post edited by me, to show this is a quote from an article posted by Red Shrek , as opposed to Red Shrek's own words.
  6. Theres this thing on top of my torso which I am quite attached to. I dont fancy getting separated from it by some disgruntled camel jockey with a Woolworths breadknife. Especially when the so called "security" experts last job was pumping the barrier up and down in Colchester. Not enough beer tokens, or beer for that matter.
  7. ZEV. Fair one but what is the name of the Company.
  8. At least they got something right.
  9. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    Well, from the article, the author is Ben Thomas (email:, who signs aoff as "Ben"

    Below that is this little lot, which is not the sender's address block . . . soo I'm guessing that

    Mike Benish
    Al Kasik Project Manager
    The Steele Foundation
    "Enterprise Risk Management Solutions"
    Al Kasik, Iraq

    is the dude in need of serious counselling . . . . 8)
  10. saw this article a long time ago. it's on the website of a pretty infamous character who's an ex-SWAT team member that was involved in an ugly contact on the airport road in Baggers April 05 that led to 3 blokes being killed. all due to some staggeringly bone drills that all went pete tong. There's a video of the sad incident that's been knocking around for ages. And no, i won't link to it!!
    One of the phrases i always loved was 'I’ve rolled all over in blacked out Pajeros in local dress'. Which pretty much sums up a lot of US PSD team's attitude to low profile!! That and the 'I'll try & dress like a local (well, their version of one), grow a big beard, wear a 'man dress' (as the spams call it) and a shemagh and they'll never know!! But then I'll cover my body in all the kit from the blackhawk catalogue, 5 wpn systems, knives and axes and jump into my F350 with guns pointing out the windows........yeehaww!! :roll:
    The sights you see out on the ground (and the IZ car park!) are mind boggling at times......
  11. Are they still doing that ? buying blacked out state of the art 4 by 4 thinking thats makes them covert ? Some yanks gave theirs up when they realised everyone in basra knew it .And that was 03/04. :?
  12. The person who wrote the article is not SWAT. He is a former Military guy. Even British PSD teams kit up and point guns out the windows. Low profile in Iraq? I guess the PSD teams now need to get Sunni Id cards now since they obivously stand out in such an environment.
  13. didn't say the article was by the ex-SWAT bloke. It's posted on that guy's website. He runs 'shooter' courses in the states and a lot of people think he's a complet cokc.........never met him but have his awesome AAR from that route Irish contact that's an er, 'interesting' read!! :roll:
    Plus I've been doing low profile work in Baggers since 2004. Lots of pros & cons and it's getting a lot harder to get away with it. Not to mention getting brassed up by MNFI/IP & other PSD's.. (yes including brit ones)But still a lot better than rampaging around in a big bullet/IED magnet IMHO.....
  14. My mistake.

    On the PSD thing,it is a common complaint in the US PSD community that the bad PSD types are the ones who get all the attention and suck out all the good air. Like you said,there are some bad types out there who should not be.
  15. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs