Interesting although unverified account of decision to go after OBL

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, May 10, 2011.

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  1. I have not been able to confirm this, but it is plausible given His demonstrated style of "leadership" in foreign affairs and especially military matters. This has been clearly shown recently in His inexplicable inconsistency in approach and incredible rationales given in the US response (or nonreponse) to the various national iterations of the so-called democracy movements in the Middle East and northern Africa beginning with the ill-fated "uprising" in Iran (that reminded me with some nausea of America's unforgiveable waffling in the 1956 Hungarian uprising that was also brutally crushed after America reneged on its explicit and implicit support for the dissidents).
  2. Can you comment on the credibility (or otherwise) and political bias of the source?

    I am unconvinced by the plausibility aspect re POTUS as his actions seem consistent with usual delegations.Allowing professions to get on with the job is a key skill for any politician.

    Will be interesting if any other media or press agencies run with the story.

    PS Can you expand upon how this story ties in with 1956 Hungary, surely an analogy with the fall of the Batista government in Cuba would be more apt.
  3. [​IMG]

    Off thread but I am fascinated by this photo, which seems to crop up in all discussions relating to the mission oversight.
    1. Is it usual to have a "photographer" present in real time?
    2. If not who issued the instructions?
    3. If it is a reconstruction, other questions come to mind.
    4. The body language of several players other than Mrs Clinton is interesting.

  4. I think it's a load of bollocks, UBL was taken out just when America needed some good news, something to distract the press from their dire credit rating and spiralling debt and the overtime worked by the printing presses of the National Reserve bank. UBL's hit has been saved for the rainy day at least since August last.
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  5. I think that has credibility, if they suspected he was there they'd have been watching for some time and have had a decent idea of the threat & intelligence value. If he had either they'd have acted sooner on or not at all.
  6. JJH thread Cliff notes:

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    All JJH threads on President Obama boil down to the same covert, but rather blatant racism.
  7. well done.

    you just killed the thread.
  8. Only in the eyes of some.

    Obama has a track record of not making his mind up on anything, I know nothing about the integrity of the source of this tale but it wouldn't susprise me at all to find itsd completely true.
  9. I have not been able to verify but it certainly has been picked up by "right leaning" or otherwisr partisan sites--hence my caveat.

    As to my Hungary analogy to Iran, your point about Cuba is well taken. I concede more of an affinity for the Magyars since I led multiple US defense/state dept delegations tbroughout the 90s to hel "westernize" Hungary's government and military and learned much detail not public about the 1956 fiasco and the shameful role of the US ( under a Republican administration by the way).
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    Reuters it aint. I'm fairly sure I read that Vice Adm. Bill McRaven got a direct call from Obama himself?
  11. I'm sure the Pulitzer Prize committee are crapping themselves about missing this story. Why is an unverified account even being published? While I accept that not every true story will be verified, this one sticks out like a sore thumb against every other account, even Al Jazeera's or Russia Today's.

    Good try though.
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  13. Mate, you need to stop doing this. JJH is not a racist, he's a Southern Republican who despises Democrats. I've never seen JJH uttering a single racist word, or a racist implication or any other melanin-based insult. To the best of my knowledge, JJH acknowledges two colours - Marine Green and all the others.

    Seriously, you are utterly on the wrong track here.
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  14. Have to agree with you there. JJH might have little love for democrats or gays but he's certainly never given me any reason to think of him as racist.
  15. Spot on, do you work for "Nutshells 'R' Us?
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