Interesting Afghanistan Article

Only reinforces the point that we took our eye off the ball by invading Iraq. God Bless that wonderful man, The Dear Leader, Tony “bloody idiot & lying toe rag’ Blair.
Sorry been asleep for years. It was only yesterday that we laughed and oh how we laughed as the Russians got stuffed in Afghanistan. With all their weaponry and yes we were told that the fact that they had so many tanks was nothing as the gearboxes were a bit dodgy and only half a trillion would make it through the Fulda Gap and the Lynx had TOW and that would take care of the other half a trillion but somehow we didn't believe it but back to Afghanistan, the Russians are long gone, the Taliban are not gone and then there's this awkward bit that might mean a few (units unknown) US body bags on the next flight back to the US and the ratings are so low and Birmingham are going to get relegated but then the 51st state troopers or HM forces as they are lesser known are asked (ordered) to clear up this slight nasty little meerest hint of a slight disturbance with the Apache which makes more aircrew cum than all the whores in Germany but is still a bit of an unknown quantity, I was going to say seven as that's an unknown quantity but then I told you so it's not unknown now, maybe we could have bought secondhand Hinds but then it doesn't matter as a certain premier called Tone is after world domination or at least number two in the rankings of world domination and he's got a secret agenda but enough of Cherie and he's sent the boys in and it's no fcuking picnic unlike the one he had on his lawn last week when Cherie kicked Humphrey for the last time and the baby was sick and Tone had a dodgy Vimto and was sick over Gordon's fence but blamed it on Humphrey so Gordon kicked Humphrey as well and that's why he died, because some stupid arrse of a PM is sending HM Forces to Afghanistan.

Irrational rant over. Wishing everybody going to do Tone's business all the best.
John Masters says in Bugles & A Tiger words to the effect of The Afgahins have been fighting every invader since Alexander, fighting is a national sport to them.
The comment from he US officer on the rebel who says 'Your going to steal my religion', very simple folk to whom their religion is eveything.
Georgei boy pulled the bulk of his troops out to soon to pack them of to his 'He tried to kill my daddy" adventure. What might have possible then, total elimination of foreign fighter, is now going to be a Long drawn out war. Europe will have no heart for it and slowly Tom will be left to do the biziness.
TCB will be long gone and Tightfist Bruin certainly won't spend the money on a royalist army, so Poor Bloody Tom will suffer and die, just as his ancestors did all those centuries back.

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