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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by JohnA, Nov 22, 2005.

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  1. I am grateful to the Army Rumour Service for allowing me to joining this forum.

    I am a journalist currently looking into the pressures faced by UK servicemen. My interest was stimulated by, among other things, recent MoD figures which show a sharp increase in the number of Awol cases, and a decrease in recruitment.

    In order to better understand these pressures, I’m keen to hear directly from ex-servicemen and their families, either anonymously via this forum, or by email.

    I am very aware that servicemen tend to be very wary of the media. Any of you who consider responding may therefore be interested to see a similar string I started on MoD Oracle last week, see:

    Many thanks,

  2. I can see the sea, an oil rig and the Ivory Coast


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  8. it gives me a break from all the arrse surfing!

    Excuse the pun!!
  9. Isn't that a bit like saying in order to better understand the pressures faced by University Students that you're keen to talk to Graduates and their Work Colleagues?

    We really appreciate your openness JohnA but I can't help feeling that some poor ex-squaddie is going to become the butt of around a week's worth of jokes on ARRSE when you headline with, "I Left the Army Because it Was Cr4p"
  10. I don't think the users on MoD Oracle are necessarily as representative of the Service community as those on Arrse. I should treat any responses you might elicit with a degree of caution.

    As to persuading anyone here to talk to a journalist, good luck. Bear in mind that "journalist" is normally said around here in the same tone you would hear "paedophile", "lawyer" or "estate agent".

    A good approach might be to contact one of the moderators around here and try to establish some bona fides.
  11. the reasons for dissolusionment are fairly obvious - and they there are all over the site - the destruction of what passes for family life by back-to-back tours, bad housing/accomodation, a profound lack of faith in the political and military leadership and the political and legal process, bad equipment and the (relatively) glittering rewards on the outside.

    sorry you're getting the cold shoulder, odd that many of those who protest loudest when a journo turns up are those who also complain bitterly about the above and wonder why nothing gets done about it.
  12. Normally, being mostly ground troops, we have to deal with nominal atmospheric pressure of 1 000 mbar. This can vary +- 150pa during a day, dependant on weather. Although, you could consult a local physics department in order to gain a more technical answer to the pressures that inhabit the atmosphere (they take into account differential pressures when calculating).

    Although I can't see why it would make for an interesting artical, but I'm no journalist I guess.
  13. Abacus, as you know, those currently serving are not allowed to contact the media without permission, so I don't want to put anyone in a difficult position. Re your other point, I presume members won't say anything so lame.

    Glad its all over, I'm well aware of the low esteem in which the media is held by servicemen - but I can but try to engage with them directly. I have already contacted one of the moderators, who was happy for me to post on the site. As for my bona fides, see the Mod Oracle string.
  14. John A - just had a look at the MODOracle site - it is the poor mans Arrse by looks of it. No wonder you have joined us over here at the big hoose !!