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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Jaz junior, Oct 13, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    I have interest in joining the Rifles, my dad served in the Green Jackets and has given me some in-depth knowledge, though does not want my to join the Infantry from a "lack of trade" etc. Furthermore he did leave the GJ about 5 years ago - so a lot has changed!
    Can anyone give me a insight to what life is like, trades/skills you can obtain, do you sit on your arse all day and general experience as Infantrymen?

  2. I started in the infantry. Your dad's right, just like mine was. It's good to get the "action manning" out of your system and you'll probably enjoy it, but there comes a point on the training cycle when you'll be suffering Deja Vu, because you've just looped back to the beginning. If you can stand that, then fine, and use resettlement to learn a trade, but remember you won't have the experience to go with it
  3. Thanks for the reply, though my main biggest issue is that I'm not sure wherever or not I like the whole idea; of being in a sense a constructor. I'm not sure , soon I will be contacting a careers office to discuss further questions.
  4. You do that mate. It's the only way.
  5. get yourself in the Rifles and experience the British Army as a real Rifleman.

    if it's not for you then transfer elsewhere but you will never ever regret becoming a Rifleman - i can guarantee you that.

    Swift and Bold.
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  6. I also express interest in the Rifles I don't want to anything to do with construction whilst in the army. With me having done a Diploma in plastering and continuing on to do a Diploma in joinery. What is life like now in the Rifles and what will life be like when i join may 2013?
  7. No,I don't regret for one moment earning my Silver Bugle
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  8. I believe people now joining sign a job acceptance letter saying that you understand you can't transfer unless the Army want you to.

    With this in mind join what you want, but make sure that you really want to do that job as you might not be able to change once in.

    I've enjoyed my time in the Infantry and there are jobs available in an Infantry Battalion that can provide you with civvy qualifications but they're not in the same league as the qualifications you'd get from a "proper" trade.
  9. I served with 3RGJ and never regretted it, just go for it. Your Dad will be proud whatever he says. Black and Green, Finest colours ever seen. Celer et Audax.
  10. Yeah, like CMT. I've got people queueing out the door looking for someone with that particular ticket
  11. Does that mean if you say you want to change from the Rifles to the Royal Engineers, do they check your suitability and if there's places they transfer you, or do they just flat out say no your staying in the Rifles?

    According to the Army website you can become a pilot if you are already serving IF you meet all the standards, so surely it could be possible for other jobs too.

  12. I believe it's pretty much a flat out refusal but the ACIO would be able to give the gen info.

    Becoming a pilot isn't the same as just transferring to another job.
  13. So you can I guess specialize, as be in the Infantry (Rifles), and specialize to be a Pilot or Combat Engineers or something similar.

    The website is hard to follow as some things are portrayed as a specialization or a further role you can go into,
    but then also exist as a starting role.
    EG. Infantry, can specialize (go onto) become a para, RM commando, Pilot or Combat Engineer.
    Yet all these roles exist as something you can get into from first joining up.
  14. You may want to go back and read it again, in more detail. =D