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Discussion in 'RAC' started by spank_the_monkey_to_death, Feb 8, 2006.

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  1. Good forum here with some 'Ruskies'' chucked in for free and slagging off western armour
  2. There's quite a variety of tankers on there, American, British, Russian, Israeli, Finish, Swedish, German, Norwegian, Romanian, Australian, Canadian.. It's pretty much the de-facto site for tanks/tank information, both current and former. Currently discussing the CR1 5,600m kill, we've got guys from Lulworth and Bovington checking in.

  3. I've had a look. It appears to be full of Russian kids who are anally retentive about Russian armour. It seems a T54/55 series can knock crap out of an Abrams and no other answer will be accepted. British tanks don't feature at all and by default then I would say our ancient Centurions, which we sold to Israel, didn't knock out all that Russian kit in the Sinai desert.
  4. With the greatest of respect I think I'd rather have my toenails pulled out without anasthetic LOL. My days of caring about that kind of intensive discussion are well gone. It's all very well knowing your kit inside out but as far as I'm concerned the only thing they need to know about their tanks is that when the silver bullet hits them - none of their figures mean anything.

    CR2 and Abrams have proven beyond doubt in combat that they are the dominant tanks on todays battlefield. Yes Leopard III does very well on trials and, as a result, has better exports, but its unproven.
  5. It is in fact a very good site although like any can get a bit tied up, yes the russians are being overprotective but I think we do as well some times, keep looking many varied forums and quite often some unusual phots appear. 8)
  6. I just don't want to fall into the "over protective/anally retentive" bracket. I suppose some of the Cassette Heads will want to but not me. I reckon I've forgotten enough to make me sound like a recruit in any case. ;)
  7. Mate same here. Its shocking.
  8. You know when I was in, I thought I'd always remember all the things I'd been taught, because I did them every day (especially at Demo Sqn) and was so familiar with them. These days I need to check nearly every single detail LOL
  9. Know what you mean, still know a bit, but when they started going on about clino-shoots!! Surprising how quickly it comes back though.
  10. Listen mate - I can remember scratching my head just looking at a Field Klino - how the feck does anybody expect me to remember it now?

    I'd be more than a few seconds out ;)
  11. I thought the thread about how many Abrahams M1s had been destroyed,was some pro-gay-lib banter!

    Not being queer myself but reading things like,FRONT HULL fuel tanks,is enough to make any ex-MBT crew members rear end start to go wobbly;Or even worse,the comment,not even a bank full of fire extinguishers will put an engine fire out!

    But just to get the rear end muscles doing the Half Crown/Sixpence schuffle(for California_Tanker etc.Silver Doller/Dime arrse spasms!),read the account of a RPG 7 Knocking out a M1 in a FRONTAL hit!

    After reading this thread and changing my shreddies,I think I´d rather take my chances in a grunt fox-hole than being surrounded by 60 tons of seamingly self-destructing, self immolating, spontaneous combustable hi-tech crap;Or am I just reading the wrong bits? :p
  12. I think you;re reading the wrong bits mate. I'm totally unaware of any Abrams being taken out by enemy fire. Also they have all sorts of safety features inside to prevent the crew toasting in the event of a fire anywhere in the vehicle.

    I am aware of a CR2 being disabled by RPG fire and stuck with a track off for over 30 minutes while being pounded. The vehicle is still in service and the crew were uninjured.
  13. There were a couple of blue-on-blue incidens and there was also a fire at a dept which destroyed at least half a dozen. Have we any positive proof that an RPG actually did enough damage to make one U/S - or is it a case of they can blow a track off an nowt else?