Interested in Service Police, Snowdrops or Monkeys?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by vortexringpiece, May 21, 2011.

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  1. Which is best?
  2. There's only one way to find out...
  3. Two-man sack races, best of three?
  4. Make em fight it out with only a sheet of wet n dry each as weapons.
  5. I smell troll shit.
  6. No seriously, had heard that the Monkeys were more hardcore but the Snowdrops got more pussy on account of them being more in touch with their feminine side??

    I need to make a decision here, do I want more pussy, allied to barrier up, barrier down, or do I want to big it up around the world beating confessions out of innocent soldiers?
  7. Ding ding, next stop the NAAFI.

    Did I mention you're a prick?
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  8. SO what you then, Stab Monkey??
  9. And what if I was? What stunning put-down would you deploy?

    Or would you just continue being a prick?
  10. yep, stab monkey, thought so, wouldn't dream of offering a stunning put down, you probably wouldn't understand it i'll just go with a simple one you should be able to understand.

    Anyway, speaking as a total prick, seems that the you have answered the OP, Monkey's (if you are an example) are clearly self centred, humorless, entirley lacking in spirit, totally incapable of recognising irony.

    Shame really, when I did my 15 years with a Monkey capbadge (a real one) the guys I knew were the opposite of that!

    So instead of calling other people pricks, look to yourself you spacktard fucknugget.
  11. [/quote=vortexringpiece] Which is best? [/quote]

    Different beasts for different jobs.
    Although as usual the RMP forum has degenerated into a squabbling mess, and VRP; 15 years?!

    A) Surely this would've given you a good impression.
    B) What the hell were you doing to be att arm for 15 years?
  12. Exactly what do you find interesting?
  13. I was STAB-been regular for a long, long time (longer than 15 yrs).

    So, what was the point of your post? You were trolling-what's wrong? Retirement in the care home dragging?
  14. What NM said!
  15. Mea Culpa, Thought the forum was a little moribund and thought to get a little life back into it!!

    In truth did do 15 years with Monkey badge but all but 2 were detached to Aviation, never did transfer and held a fondness for the Corps for the whole time, still do in fact.

    Now sitting in a wheelchair in a stew of my own piss and shite, ina home of rthe terminally bewildered, the only fun I get is reliving my misspent youth in the Welly and remembering plastic bodies at Tangmere.