Interested in roles in different branches of the armed forces

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ziggyro, Mar 27, 2012.

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  1. I'm not sure how to put this question exactly without sounding daft, I'm not going to mention what I'm going for because it's not really that important.

    But basically I recently completed my BARB test for the Army, got a list of Jobs offered to me. I was very interested in joining a particular regiment of the army so I decided to get the ball rolling and actually see what jobs I'm ineligiblefor or what will be offered to me. However I was told I was ineligble to join this reg so it's out of the question, nothing to do with my barb score. Besides this regiment I'm interested in infantry, but to be honest my other two choices were more or less plucked out of the air.

    However I have a chance of specialising in a role similar to this regiment in another branch of the armed forces, and having given it more thought it might suite my interests better and help with careers after service.

    My question is how will this reflect on me, having an application in different branches of the armed forces?

    I should also mention the units I'm interested in joining are somewhat similar, it's not a thing that I'm applying for different roles like RAF Pilot/Naval submarine driver/Army musical band service
  2. You really need to say what trades you are looking at to get the best advice from here.

    Don't worry this is the recruitment forum, so any piss taking will be harshly dealt with by the forum mod.
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  3. What regiment were you told a flat no for?

    As if it's what I suspect you are going to be in for some major piss taking.
  4. Just hacking at a guess here, but Regimental Police have a very different role than RMP.

    I hazard a guess it was RMP pnly because it's only them or Int' Corps where your recruiter will say something in your past or awful tattoos will bar entry to.
  5. Well I'm not sure if you could call it a trade as such, but I was looking to join the RMP. I've experience working as a game keeper/water bailiff, so I figured RMP would be good experience to draw on after service to work in that area. I'm not joining the forces to boost my cv for this, it's something that I've really wanted to do, but I've been giving more thought how useful my experience would be whether I served 4 or 12 years etc.

    I had an interest in the RMs but thought the RMP might give me better experience, however since that option has gone out the window I'm reconsidering the RMs since I might be able to get a specialisation in RM MP, plus I've water boating/craft qualifications which I may be able to expand on ...possibly
  6. My advice is go for the job you think you'll enjoy most. There's all sorts of experience in the Armed Forces you will benefit from.
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  7. The only advantage that RMP will give you in joining CIVPOL is at with some forces, they will let you skip the 2 year probation as a special constable.

    If you fancy the Royal Marines, go for it. Top blokes, and I really enjoyed working with them. If you still wish to go down the policing route, then after a couple of years in, once you have got your LCpl you can apply to join the RM Police Troop.
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  8. Yeah that's the route I'm thinking of, though the RMP would have been a more direct route.

    But I was thinking how would the RM look on someone had applied for a different branch (or visa versa)
  9. RM: not the army. Don't think they'd really care - as long as you reach their quality line, that'll do the trick.
  10. Yeah I wasn't sure what they'd think if I'd put in an application elsewhere, possibly question my comitment etc.
    I'm going to look into this route a little more
  11. RAF Pilot to Bandsman...
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