Interested in kit design and testing?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by 0311Matt, Aug 26, 2005.

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  1. Hello,

    I'm starting a kit manufacturing company, Tactical Equipment Solution Technologies, or TEST-FED for short. The website is .

    edited by GCO. Wierd request for personal info, no website and no mention of this post to us.
  2. It would be unwise to email any of your details to an unsolicited company or person.

    It is not rocket science to get Service personal to reveal themselves.

    Please use common sense.

    Matt, maybe you should approach the site owners before trawling for potential , well whatever!
  3. 0311Matt, are you testing bullet proof, carbon fibre hair pieces?
  4. Bugger. No forum on there either. You ARE no fun :)

    I bow to your extreme knowledge at this late hour and if, sir, you could manage to excuse my lack of concentration, having a momentary lapse in punctuation, I would be ever so chuffed. Cnut. ;)
  5. AAaaaaaaaaaarrrrgh! I can no longer tolerate this. Will people please fcuk off and learn their language and grammer? "Your" is possesive. I think you meant to say "You're no fun" with "you're" being an abbreviation of "you are". Rant over. Sorry, but it really annoys me (ex-Gunner=**** cnut)

    With regards to Matt: Cnut. I hope your boss (see what I meant Mrs DS?) fires you for being inept. If you want volunteers to try out your kit, then you need to try a different approach (if you are genuine). Invest a couple of hundred quid and some time in getting a website designed (rather than the piece of crap you have at the moment). Then physically go and meet some TA, Regs, Crabs, etc that are near you. Offer incentives (alcohol will suffice) for them to make reccommendations to you, and to try out your kit.

    Gain their trust. Design your kit. Make two quid a year profit because the British Army is getting smaller every day. Double your price and sell it to the Septic Tanks. Buy home in Barbados. Sweet.

    What is the best thing about shagging twenty eight year old girls? There are twenty of them.
  6. (Pedantic mode ON) Methinks, dear Dread, you'll find that you're is not an abbreviation, but rather a contraction or elision. (Pedantic mode OFF).

    And anyway, it's not as if all ARRSErs were completely thrown by the term and began frantically PMing for more information, is it? Erz longue erz its ondastandabull WTF?

  7. More than fair comments. Half a bottle of Jameson have gone down the range tonight. I just really hate the use of "your" when they should be using "you're". I know I shouldn't get gripped by this, but I hate it; several of my 'workmates' use this (and there is no-one in the UN office is on less than 100k apart from the translators and those that actually work) and the cumulative effect is that I just want to gas everyone! Rant over. Message understood. In support of your argument I only have to look at Shakespeare to see the words that he used. I am a muppet. I am a walt. I am a typical ex-Gunner!