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Hello to you all, I'm 21 and looking for an active life. I did try to join the reg's but failed badly on ADSC. I failed due to my lack of fitness preparation.
On day one things were going fine untill they took us on the rugby field and made us do non-stop running for 40mins. So the next day I wake up feeling I had just been hit by a speeding bus. Un-fortunately the 1.5 mile run was the first order of the day. That took and unbelievable 15minutes! My kidneys felt like they were being crushed in a vice (any ideas on why that is?)
After a month of leaving ADSC I come to realise that I would rather join the TA so I can still enjoy life with the missus but still have the fun of active weekends.
My chosen regiment for the reg's was 1 R Anglian. I would still like to be apart of this reg so obviously 3rd battalion is where I will be aiming for. I'd just like to know how I go about joining the appropriate TA centre.
Many thanks for your time in reading this

Not to worry I have found the page I was after,A(NorfolkSuffolk)Company.aspx
Why don't you join ur local gym, start off slowly and don't go mad. Theres some good guides around, the main thing you need is commitment!
You will not pass CIC if your fitness is not up to scratch, loads of people with sub 10 minute 1.5 mile times bin it on CIC.

The 1.5 mile run is the easiest thing you'll do in a TA infantry unit, it's a very basic test.

You need to sort your life out and not think of it as an easy option, 'cos it's not, you will have to be fit and work a full time job, and you get half the time to learn everything.

In some ways it's harder than the regulars because it's very easy to get unfit and forget stuff you learned in a mad rush when your out of green kit for weeks and sometimes months on end.

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