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Discussion in 'Officers' started by ftb51, Jun 10, 2005.

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  1. Previously removed by admin in error. This is not spam.

    Hi Everyone,

    I was wondering if I could get some feedback on
    joining up with the RAF reserves. I'm a Canadian born
    citizen, have a BSc in Physics, a diploma in
    engineering tech, and engineering experience. Also
    working on an MSc in engineering through distance
    education. I'm interested in contributing to the RAF
    in an engineering or technical capacity.

    I checked out the engineer officer position, but it
    seems to be very competitive. Is this true ? Does
    anybody know of anyone working in this capacity in the
    RAF reserves ? Does anybody know of people working in
    technical positions in the RAF reserves, like
    troubleshooting UAVs, or air defence systems ?

    How are their jobs ? Are they treated respectably by
    regular members ? How easy is it to advance one's career
    as a reservist compared to a regular ?

    I get the feeling I'd have a harder time getting in
    because I'm Canadian, and have never lived in the UK.
    To add to that I've got no military experience.

    Thank-you very much for any contribution from anyone.

  2. Mikey my boy! Ever so good to see you back old chap. We were talking about the idea of floral curtains in land rovers if you recall.
  3. Mike,

    This is an Army-oriented website so while the odd member of the RAF (and they are all pretty odd) does post here, I doubt anyone here will be able to tell you much about RAF recruiting, and I doubt anyone cares about it either.

    You might find someone to answer your question on Pprune
  4. Hi Lairdx,

    The British sense of humour is amazing. I'd never have thought of that for a land rover ! I was recently called a Tosser by someone in the forum, and couldn't help laughing.

    Cheers, Mike
  5. Thanks for the advice chickenpunk.
  6. Who on earth called you a tosser old chap? How very uncivilised. I'll be forced to mention it to the RSM - he won't be invited to our next tea and biccies ( we usually have a cup while watching songs of praise on a sunday morning.) As a Soldier myself I must caution you against the RAF - They wear very tight trousers and all change their name to Bob on enlistment which tends to make paperwork very confusing.
  7. I believe it was the moderator of the Multinational HQ forum, I must have ticked him off with my inquiry. I thought it was quite funny though. The way it sounds in Canadian english, calling someone a tosser sounds very funny. I'm actually not sure what it means. Idiot ? Imbecile ?

    Ah, tight trousers ? Are the standards for body fat percentage quite restrictive for the RAF ? I don't think I'd make it as pilot due to vision requirements. Do you have any experience with the RAF Lairdx ?

  8. Yeah he's no doubt been f*cked over by crabs, just like the rest of the shrinking brylcream hating, DAC British Army!

    With all your qualifications you would be better suited joining NASA they are always on the lookout for space cadets, but check they issue a return not one way ticket before take off :wink:
  9. experience with the RAF? I should say so. I once mugged an entire Coy of Airmen to raise funds for some new doyleys for the mess.

    Body fat requirements for the RAF. I'm not sure. I suspect If you can be shoehorned into the uniform you'll probably be ok. Ah well can't hang about here all day.

    Tosser sounds funny with a canadian accent does it? I can't seem to picture it. A Tosser is someone who throws things. It comes from the verb 'Toss.'

    Must dash. Have to embroider some flowers onto the collars and cuffs of my issue combat 95s. It's a stroke of genuis. British DPM is all very well in woodland but what if johnny foreigner invaded us while while were in the middle of the summertime 'Barracks in Bloom' festival?

    Toodle pips my canadian friend.
  10. It seems Old Mike has gone. Just when I was getting to like him.
  11. Hi Lairdx, still here. Got caught up in rainstorms couldn't get to a computer.

    Thanks for the vocabulary lesson- tosser, coy, doyleys, toodle pips.
    Seriously what does tosser mean ? I haven't the foggiest.

    So you guys are still watchin out for Germans, eh ?
  12. Hi Harry,

    Bryllcream ??? We have that here too. I was wondering why my Dad was into it so much he must have picked up the habit when he was livin in London.

    NASA has a poor safety. They are totally overrated, believe me. I've always wondered how it would be in Europe anyhow. I keep hearing its over populated and expensive.
  13. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator


    It was not the nature of your enquiry, more the mode, i.e. posting it in lots of places all over the website (aka spamming) that ticked him (and the rest of the moderators) off...

  14. germans? It is actually the French who are our traditional enemies. As you should know coming from Canada.

    Coy is an abbreviation for Company, Doyleys are the little intricate mats that you stand the tea pot on and toodle pips is the correct military way of saying 'see you later.' Hope this clears things up.

    Chin Chin.
  15. Mike,

    The defination of Tosser

    Definition 1: (type: NOUN)
    someone who throws lightly (as with the palm upward)

    Definition 2: (type: NOUN)
    [jerk-off,w@nker,] - terms of abuse for a masturbator

    regards :lol: