Interested in a millitary career but need advice

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Jack_M, Dec 22, 2011.

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  1. hi there
    ive always been interested in a millitary career for most my life. im 21 years old and currently hold a fulltime job but dont have a driving liceince as of yet. last year i applied for a position in the RAF for ATC Junoir Officer, but failed my Aptittude test by one mark because i was so nervous. This was abit of a setback and havnt tried to re apply yet, over time ive been looking at other possible millitary roles and came across close-reconnaissance infantry, i was wondering if anyone here does this role and if so is it as enjoyable, rewarding as it seems. whats the training like ect..

    thanks for any replys in advance
  2. You're in luck having not joined the RAF. They are gayer than Jarrod.
  3. It's dead good, the pay is superb, the pension wonderful, the food cordon blue,the promotion prospects phenomenal,the housing palatial, you spend half your time water skiing in the med and the rest yatching in the Carribean, the uniform will attract nubile women all over the world.

    Honest, it's true.

    All the best!

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  4. sounds like something a recruitment officer might say rofl :)
  5. Only a 'rofl'? Surely that's worth a 'lmfao'?
  6. yes lmfao would suffice too :)
  7. If you are of a slightly nervous disposition the last role you need to got to is anything with the word recce, recon, reconnaissance in it.Basically this can mean you get it from both sides, friendly fire is your enemy and possibly your cause of death and on exercise you are likely to be pursued by lots of hairy assed individuals (there are lots of the type on this forum, no names no pack drill) who are determined to make you cough your lot and dont care how they do it.
    If you scream it will probably make them worse.A lot of the time you end with a drippy nose trench foot, shitty little bugs burying into your groin, shitting in bags and some cnut ripping up what you have done becused he doesnt want his blokes deployed there.

    Unless of course you are with a certain mob who make sure you go with them just in case they want to kill you for giving shit info and then you dont get to go home for tea.
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  8. i wouldnt say i have a nervouse dispostion at all i actualy enjoy alot of hard work, so yer thats great, im wanting to learn more about what it takes academics wise to get to into that sort of position. also im pretty sure they have drugs to help against trenchfoot these days :)
  9. Meths on sale again?
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  10. Take a trip to the careers office.

    good luck, let us know how you get on.
  11. To the OP, now I know it's not the Naafi and all that, also I'm speaking.....err....writing from the Antipodes. But who really asks for advice on the internety thingy? For fucks sake, it's only good for porn, and allowing Meridian to supply us with his wares, although I believe he may have competition - but I digress.

    Expecting to get an intelligent reply/answer is very problematical, and the truth is about as honest as the immaculate conception. I do believe the common sense approach would be to go to the miliary careers counselor, then if it is avialable go to an army unit, or whatever service your interested in and talk to those already in the job.
  12. I'm sorry for quoting but... what ******* planet are you weirdo
  13. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Please ignore the pig ignorant shites who have responded to you so far. They will pretend to be your friends but actually, they are *****.

    You are interested in drugs and hard work you say? PM me please? Your star is in the ascendant. Do you have a sister?
  14. ATC, throwing sealed aluminium tubes filled with humans around the skies isn't for the faint hearted. Have you considered the Army, not too much thought involved, just obey orders and if you're a bit of a nervous Wupert your SNCOs will cover up for you and get the job done.
  15. I would start with English language and grammar……remember you are applying to be an Officer!

    It doesn’t have to be perfect but a little effort will demonstrate some level of intelligence.

    I recommend, “Eats shoots and leaves”.